Mentorship Course - part time (one year) 

We offer photographic mentorship aimed at those who wish to get individual one on one feedback sessions concerning their work. This can help with creating a coherent body of work through developing a personal photographic voice and approach. Mentoring sessions will introduce you to photographers, artists, history and the discourse of photography, which will enable you to reflect on your own practice and situate it in a broader social, cultural and historical context. In a nurturing environment, under the guidance of practicing art photographers and professionals, you will be encouraged to explore your creativity, seek inspiration, gain technical camera skill, enhance your retouching skills and think critically about photography in order to produce compelling work that expresses your vision of the world.

We have part time Mentorship Courses available. please look at courses for more details.

Cost per session with a mentor: R550 per hour

Appointments only



PREVIOUS YEARS HAVE INCLUDED Ugo Woatzi, Flávio Cardoso and Winner 2022  Remofiloe Mayisela


The 12 month online Body of Work course is ideal for working professionals and photographers who are based outside of Johannesburg or South Africa, and are unable to attend regular classes. This course presents an opportunity to develop a body of work through a system of personalised individual mentorship and ongoing critical engagement.
You will be guided through the narrative building process through sustained and in depth engagement with Concept, Technique, Context and Meaning, towards the finalization of your year- long project.

 Mentorship will take place through a series of regular appointments ( online, via Zoom ) where we discuss project process and development, research and assignment feedback, as well as photographic practice and technique.

By the end of this course you should have a focused, cohesive body of work, with a clear and coherent practitioners statement.

This mentorship is based around one on one sessions.


12 months starting from date of payment (as agreed upon)

By agreed upon appointment, twice a month


R13 800  (including a registration fee of R 1 500)

Payment Options:

1) Payment in Full 

(Registration fee of R 1 500 included)

2) 3 Parts

Registration fee + 50 % balance + 50% balance 

(R 1 500 + R6150 + R 6150)

3) Monthly Payments: 

Registration fee + 12 x monthly payments

(R 1 500 +  R 1025 per month x 12 )  

NB. All registration fees to be paid before commencement of course, all outstanding fees to be paid before end of course.

Mentorship Course - part time (6 months)

6 month Online Mentorship

This 6 month mentorship offers an opportunity to create a themed visual narrative /s over a period of six months. Here, you will sharpen your technical and conceptual skills and explore the narrative building process through a system of one-on-one sessions that offer guidance, support and mentorship towards a coherent and cohesive photographic narrative. Research and thinking are engaged as part of concept development, as is continuous reflection on the use of aesthetic and technique in the creation of meaning.

Ideal for those who want to learn the basics of creating a focused visual narrative, or for those who
have already started on a project that is in need of development.

Duration: 6 months
Meeting Times: Every second week, times as per individual agreement
Cost: R 7500

Cover image by Dewald Bruwer

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