Through the Lens Collective is a collaborative educational and developmental photographic space created by South African visual artist and educator Michelle Loukidis,  who shares a commitment to, and appreciation of, the photographic medium on the African continent. Through photographic training the collective aims to develop creativity, critical thinking and professional practice. Photographic practice is undergoing rapid change. What is of paramount importance is personal vision and voice. Through an educational workspace, the collective aims to assist visual artists/photographers in refining their photographic practice, expanding their visual grammar and developing their narrative skills. In addition, what is of importance is the creation of sustainable structures that support contemporary photographic practice. The courses are aimed at anyone who is passionate about the medium of photography and wishes to use the camera as an expressive tool. 

Michelle Loukidis

Michelle Loukidis received her photographic training at TUT in Tshwane. She worked as a commercial photographer for over 10 years. Her keen interests in photographic development led her to education where she has trained and mentored young photographers from all over Africa for over 20 years. In 2018 she founded a small woman based photographic art school, Through The Lens Collective in Johannesburg, South Africa. A fine artist herself, she has exhibited her photographs in solo and group exhibitions. Michelle prefers working in film using medium format cameras, where she feels a certain amount of the magic of photography is still retained.  She works and lives in Johannesburg.

Portrait by Flávio Cardoso

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cover image by Anna Sango

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