TTLC collaborated with to organize one-on-one meetings for selected photographers to work on their artist’s statements and the conceptual structure of their project.

“Through the Lens Collective” is a collaborative educational and developmental photographic space created by South African visual artist and educator Michelle Loukidis, who shares a commitment to, and appreciation of, the photographic medium on the African continent.

The selected photographers for PLAY BACK are Ollie Walker, Maroula Lambis, Nadia Raaths and Maheder Haileselassie. [May 2023]

Thank you to Alex!

Alexandra Athanasiadou is an art professional with an interdisciplinary approach to photography. Her theoretical background includes communication and mass media, history of conceptual art and philosophy.

She has been working with artists for the past fifteen years by exploring different positions in the photography world through various collaborations with institutions, organizations and galleries. The Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki, [Greece], Candlestar in London, the European Program Transeurope PhotoProject a platform including PhotoEspaña and the Finnish Museum of Photography, IOM Central Asia, the University of Crete [Greece] could serve as titles under employers.

Curatorial texts and conceptual engineering, as it were, is what she would choose as keywords for her metadata.

She recently founded and directs the on-line independent platform PHLSHP-Philosophy & Photography Lab, in an attempt to bridge the two communities by co-creating projects and informing each other’s practice.

She holds a PhD in Aesthetics, a Master of Arts from the Courtauld Art Institute in London, is a graduate of Oxford University (St. Hilda’s College) and of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Athens). She lives in Thessaloniki. 

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