Through The Lens Collective

Beginners Workshop


The photographic image has become an indispensable means of communication in today’s world. The basics course serves as
an introduction to the visual medium of photography for those wishing to use the camera as an expressive and/or communication tool. Through the course you will improve your technical skills, enhance your creativity, expand your criticality, and develop your visual literacy and knowledge of the medium.

Course facilitated by Michelle Loukidis and Michelle Harris.

Workshop Content:

Pinhole Camera

Camera Techniques

Critical Theory for Photographers

Visual Design and Composition

Visual Literacy

History of African Photography

Basic Portraiture


DSLR/mirrorless/compact cameras with the possibility of manual control  OR SLR film cameras.

Laptop with Photoshop (not essential).


5 October 2019

8 days part time 6 hour sessions

Cost:  R3800

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