The Beginners Course is aimed at those who already have a DSLR camera, but no knowledge of various camera functions and settings. The 8 week part time course is ideal for those who have an interest in learning basic camera handling and technique, the basics of photography theory, and the history of photography on our continent. By the end of this course you will be equipped with basic portraiture and visual narrative making skills.

The course includes modules on:

Technical Practice

Introduction to Critical Theory

Visual Studies

Introduction to Visual Narrative

Image by Arsène Mpiana Monkwe


DSLR/SLR/mirrorless/compact cameras with the possibility of manual control



Duration: 5 weeks

Dates: request dates

Times: 10am to 1pm



Registration Fee: R 1000 ( included in total course fee)

Payment Options:

1) Payment in Full

(Registration fee of R 800 included)

2) 2 Payments

Registration fee and 50 % + Balance  (R 2 300 + R 1 500)

3) 3 Payments

Registration fee + 50 % Balance + 50% Balance

( R 800 + R 1 500 + R 1 500) 

NB. All registration fees to be paid before commencement of course, all outstanding fees to be paid before end of course.

Please note all courses will be online in the event of another Covid 19 lockdown

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