in Limbo


Glass Eyes

Present Tense ii

Her iron lung


Present tense i


Hazel Mphande, also known as Hazey Jane (born 1989) is a self-taught photographer and artist from Pretoria. Hazel’s first encounter with a DSLR camera ignited a passion that led her to start using photography as a form of expression. She later enrolled at The Market Photography Workshop, completing both the foundation and intermediate courses. Though Hazel applies her skills using a range of diverse techniques and styles (portraits of individuals, architecture, street photography etc…), her great passion lies in self- portraiture…. illustrating the various colours of her emotions using soft focus, lush and and sometimes harsh textures. Hazel’s work has been exhibited in 30 Days in a CITY, SHE Clix, and Photocomment issue 49, among others. Hazel is currently doing the Advanced Course at Through The Lens Collective.


Hazel is represented by Berman Contemporary.

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