Ollie Walker (1986) is a South African born photographer and videographer. His documentary approach involves human and fictional narratives predominantly based around his fascination for people, sonder and subculture. Exploring themes of identity, expression, ritual, culture, mental health and being. After living abroad for 16 years he has returned to his home country and is slowly rediscovering his own identity within the complex and multicultural space of Southern Africa.



Ram 1 (Ramone De Wet) - People Of The Promenade (2022)

Ram 1, a first generation South African B-Boy, stands for a portrait against a classic Cape Town sunset on the Seapoint Promenade. Part of an ongoing series titled People Of The Promenade. In the wake of the pandemic it’s become apparent how important public spaces are to us as individuals and to society as a whole. This is especially true for South Africans, given our segregated history. The Sea Point Promenade, once a whites-only public amenity, now thrives with all walks of life, celebrating the incredible change and progression our society has made.


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Ubudlelwane, 2020 
Edition:7 + 1 AP
R6200 A3

This photographic series was a cross-functional collaboration between a documentary &/ fashion photographer, designer, stylists and models(Tshepo Moloi, Azania Forest, Nkosi, Kabelo & Bantu Zuri). The series seeks to explore what brotherhood/friendship means in the modern digital world, post-1994 South Africa.

Tshepo Moloi was born in (Johannesburg 1992) but, grew up in the rural place of Daggakraal, Mpumalanga. He then started photographing and experimenting around his community. He completed his Advanced photography course at Through The Lens Collective in 2020. In 2016, he was part of a group show (‘Fluxus Now’ by Space Space Gallery, Johannesburg). In 2019,  (‘awayfromthekeyboard.gif’, A4 Arts Foundation, Cape Town). In 2020, He participated in the following group exhibitions, ‘The Portrait Show’ by (Through The Lens Collective, Johannesburg), ‘The Precarity of Spectacle’ by Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town),‘URBAN MYTHS’, (Berman Contemporary & Through The Lens Collective, Amsterdam), exhibited with Kampala Art Biennale, ‘Get Up Stand Up’. In 2021, a career development with Turbine art Fair and FNB Art Joburg. In 2022, a Latitude online show,  'Ukuzimamela'. @tshepomoloistudios

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Nadia Ettwein (b.1984) is an South African lens based artist that lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Her work is a visual exploration and personal reflection on the essence of identity and abuse.

Nadia started taking photos with a point and shoot camera from around the age of 16. After school, she worked in Kodak labs, developing and printing fil before deciding to study graphic design eventually ending with a BSc degree in Information Science, she worked in the corporate field for many years. Mostly self taught, she realised her passion lies in photography and she left the corporate world to become a full-time artistic photographer. @nadia.inreallife

Seuntjie, 2022 
R5500 A1

Carpet Burns, 2022 
R5500 A1

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Slagveld van die Botterblomme , 2022 
R3000 (594mm x 594mm)

Slagveld van die Botterblomme 

Battleground of the Butter Flowers

The yellow field of Canola flowers becomes a metaphor for the dark side of social media. Alluring and initially without danger. The girl, the universal pray, where 10-16 year old’s identities are shattered and their innocence violated by cyber bullies, pornographic online syndicates and child trafficking. 

Tiandi van Niekerk (b.1977) is based in Bellville, Cape Town. Her work is a reflection/interpretation of life seen through the intuitive(rather than intellectual) eyes of a romantic and a sceptic. Here she tries to find the equilibrium between these two opposing viewpoints. She works both in analogue/film and digital. And has a love-hate relationship with the latter. She is constantly exploring topics of mental health, our (dis)connection with nature (ocean, trees and flora), the streets(the suburbs we live in), the culture of the Afrikaner, identity and what it means to be human. Through camera obscura she is trying to make sense of it all. @projecttiandi

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Alice, 2022 
R4000 A1

Mikhail Samuel is a South African born photographer and filmmaker. Both their photos and films have been exhibited and screened across the world; their latest film having screened at SAUFF and last photographic exhibition “INFORMATION IS CURRENCY” is currently making its way from Germany where it was first exhibited at the 8th Photo Triennial.Other recent exhibitions include the August House Open and SHUTTERLAND.
They ran the CULT FILM project along with Troye Shannon which was a boutique film lab that focused on building the film community and proving personalized hand-development and scanning for artists as well as keeping film alive through sharing their expertise and encouraging experimentation.
Their work documents their subjective human and societal observations and melts the real and the imaginary into one.



"How Annoying", 2021 
Unique edition
R3500 A2

The series depicts my loneliness and frustration with the internal dialogue of my identity and sexuality 

Troye-Alexander Shannon (b.1990) is an artist from  Johannesburg South Africa that uses a cross section of approaches, primarily analog photography which allows him create spaces and moments to depict internal conversations, dissect memory and experiences as form of reclaiming identity. He is currently in the mentorship program at through the lens collective (2022)


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Laurence Moorcroft is a photographer and creative director based in South Africa. His centre of interest is mainly portrait, fashion & lifestyle photography. Since 2014 he has embraced this medium as a much needed creative outlet and discovered his passion. By freezing time, documenting culture and translating a narrative through pixels; he intends to empower, inspire and portray personalities in their best light.


Contemplation, 2022 
R1200 A3

Chance Encounter, 2022 
R1200 A3

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Mindful-eye, 2020 
R3500 A3

When I think about my mom, a radio comes to mind. I recall rippling frequency of radios from the kitchen, lounge, and in my mom's car throughout my upbringing. I associate this portable silver radio with memories of living in my childhood home. A wise mentor illuminated the need for focus on practicing meditation, which has stayed in mind ever since our encounter.  Mindful-eye diptych investigates the importance of interrelations of mind-body (in)sight. Mindful-eye images reflect a vital reminder of one's inner radio and the need to attune within. @eda.xem

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The Inyanga and his Teddybears, 2020 
R2000 A2

This image of an inyanga was taken during the Covid pandemic in a new settlement named “Covid”. Despite efforts by the city to tear it down, it remains to this day.

Samantha Reinders is a visual journalist based between Cape Town and Kathmandu. She strives to humanize the people she photographs, connecting their reality to her audience. @samreinders

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Francesca Hummler is a visual artist working with photography. She received her B.A. in Media Arts from the University of California at San Diego in 2019. She received a Master's in Photography with distinction from The Royal College of Art in London, England in 2022. Interested in issues regarding identity she draws from her experience as the daughter of German immigrants in the United States to explore familial intimacy and generational trauma. Heavily influenced by the concept of photo-therapy Francesca often utilizes self-portraiture to untangle her sense of self. Recently she has expanded her therapeutic practices to photograph people other than her family. Francesca was selected as one of the laureates of the 2021 Carte Blanche Étudiants award and displayed her work at Paris Photo. In 2022 she won the student Vonovia Award for Photography. Francesca was invited to be an artist in residence by the National Justice Museum in Nottingham, England for Spring 2023. Her work has been exhibited internationally and belongs to collections in the United States, England, Germany, Turkey, and France. @fransangle

Helmet (2022)
1/10 + 2AP
R5000 A2

I made this self-portrait as part of my graduate series Das Kuckucksei while visiting my grandparents in Stuttgart, Germany. The image features me wearing my grandmother’s wig. My grandmother lost her body hair due to an autoimmune disease that was triggered by the stress of losing her third child, Hartmut, at the age of two to brain cancer. I am afraid that if I have to endure a similar heartbreaking situation that the same disease will surface in me. I staged this portrait in a therapeutic photo session in my grandparent’s bathroom with the intent of psychologically processing my fear of possible future health complications. 

Looking for Gulf (2023)
1/10 + 2AP
R5000 A2

This image is from my series Looking for Guerrero, which began when I met Miguel in 2021. This work focuses on the limbo that being a DACA recipient or “Dreamer” causes for Miguel. Despite working, paying taxes, and living in the U.S. for 23 years Miguel is ineligible to apply for a green card or secure immigration status. Here, Miguel looks out across the Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi towards Mexico, which he is barred from visiting despite the constant threat of DACA's repeal and his deportation. He often considers leaving the United States to join the Mexican military, following in his father's footsteps, who was a soldier before emigrating from Guerrero. A plan which highlights the government’s negligence, forcing Dreamers to reverse their parent’s original search for a better life. In the meantime, Miguel looks for Guerrero and a sense of home wherever he goes.

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The Standard, 2014 New York



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Untitled from Red Chaos series (2022)
Edition: 1 of 1 + 1AP (SIZE A2)
Price: R4850.00

“The work was initially just meant to be a visual experience and then I had the pleasure of experiencing myself as an artist. This
work speaks to a time in my life where I was discovering my identity as an individual and as an artist. What my purpose was
and what I wanted to say. The fact that I hold past tradition so close to my heart, while being so grateful to be born into this time. The red is indicative of my passion while the moving fabric is indicative of the chaos of it all during my self-discovery.”

Boitumelo Molapo is a self-taught, 21 year old, South African photographer based in the West Rand, Gauteng. With a passion for photography that goes back as far as 2015, Boitumelo is pursuing a degree in Information Design at the University of Pretoria. She is currently part of the TAF Paper exhibition 2023 where ‘An Offering’ is being showcased. Her work focuses mainly on portrait photography which aims to give the viewer a calming sensation and a sense of intimacy with the subject in the imagery. With a love for the outdoors she is continuously searching for new ways to incorporate plant life into her photography and has recently found a love for
stage design and tries to incorporate it into her work by being crafty and making some of the props. Boitumelo shoots with her subconscious mind, painting a vision of the outcome before the message comes alive; she does not create art to force a narrative into the viewer's mind but instead creates a space where the viewer can listen to the story they need to be told. Her work has been described as
‘soft’ and ‘cinematic’. @your.local.softiie

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Simphiwe Fuwe Molefe was born in KZN in 1990 but spent his childhood in Katlehong, where he currently resides. In late 2019, he joined Of Soul And Joy, where he was introduced to photography-based documentary and storytelling. He participated in a collective show (Uhambo) that OSJ held at the Umhlabathi gallery in 2023. His project "Dikarabo" was featured alongside nine other South African photographers in a book celebrating the of soul and joy tenth anniversary. Currently enrolled in an advanced photography program at
Market Photo Workshop.


hlanganisa makasana (2023)
Price: R6 500

Staying in townships teaches you many things, one of which is being street smart entails knowing how to protect yourself from strangers while alone or with others particularly at night. Hlanganisa, which simply means "to assemble or bring together," is a commonly used word in townships due to the lifestyle that requires one to always be making something in order to keep going and provide for one's family. Not everyone views the arrival of night as an opportunity to relax the body but rather as a time to earn money by offering services that fit the kasi night lifestyle. The intention of this image is to preserve memories, inspire, share, and cherish my origin story while relating with others through photography.

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Janet, 2022
Not for sale

Janet met her boyfriend through her job. She works for a company that senior citizens can call for assistance in transportation across town. The first time she met him, he left a good impression on her. When she dropped him off she knew the only way to see him again was to be the first employee to respond to his transportation requests. She waited by her computer, rushing to be the first to accept his requests. Eventually this paid off as their fondness for one another grew with each drive.


•    •    •


Godmother In Kofifi, 2023



A portrait of my friend Sive, the Godmother who's an Artist and Stylist. Godmother's style identity is influenced by the oldschool pantsula style which originates in Sophiatown. The portrait was made at Dr Xuma's house in Sophiatown in 2023 under the theme 'Gathering The Ghosts'

Monde Mzilem is a photographer, born in Katlehong 1999 - and raised in Vosloorus. He started his photography journey in 2016 using a cellphone. He then went on to acquire professional training at Market Photo Workshop, completing the Foundation and Intermediate Courses between 2018 and 2019. Mzilem's work looks to documenting his experiences, the people around him himself and preserve them for the future.


•    •    •

Solitary Spiral (2022)
1/10 + 2AP
R4500 A1


The Unseen Perception (2022)
1/10 + 2AP
R4500 A1

Through my work I aim to highlight the complexity and diversity of black experiences with wealth and success. I examine the paradoxical relationship between economic prosperity and the isolation it can bring. While wealth can be empowering, it can also breed a sense of alienation and detachment from one’s cultural roots and community. 

Bulelani Mlalazi is a contemporary photographer bases in Johannesburg, South Africa and currently studies at Through The Lens Collective. With a keen eye for detail Bulelani’s work seeks to question traditional boundaries and conventional photography. Bulelani’s work explores the themes of identity belonging and social issues, drawing inspiration from diverse communities in Johannesburg. 


Beyond the Limelight (2021)
1/10 + 2AP
R3000 A3

Suspended in Isolation (2022)
1/10 + 2AP
R4500 A1

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Processing, (2022)
Edition: 1 of 5
Price: R8000 A1

Felecia Solomons black and white portrait, points at the play on surrealism and the unravelling process of ones’ unconsciousness. This photograph is a self-portrait which showcases how facial expressions are observed differently depending on the viewers’ perspective.

Felecia Solomons (b.1992) is a lens-based artist born in Caledon, Western Cape, raised in a small town called Ladybrand situated in the Free State. With a qualification in Hospitality Management, it
is her love for film, cinematic, and music sparked her interest in pursuing photography. Whether looking through photographs in her family album, or viewing works of other artists, she has always
found a sense of home in photographic images. Felecia has joined Through the lens collective mentorship programme, of which her work has showcased in “The Portrait Show” (2020, 2021 & 2023), “Everything, everyone always.” (2022), ” The Salon Show – Open Studios.” (2022) and has work featured on Latitudes Online Platform. @blackbird_24


Self, (2021)
Edition: 1/3 + 2 AP

Maroula is a self-taught South African artist currently residing in Cape Town.

Her contemplative aesthetic draws from the realms of womanhood, melancholy and isolation. 

Working with photography, she incorporates collage and embroidery into her practise. 

She has been recognised as an Artist to Follow by Latitudes, and was long-listed in the photography and printmaking category of the Woman United Art Prize 2022.

Maroula is mentored by Through the Lens Collective (TTLC) and has participated in group exhibitions in the UK, South Africa, and online. @maroula.lambis

•    •    •


Losing my sense of self, (2022)
Edition: 1/5 + 1 AP
R8000 A2

Losing my sense of self, is a series about losing your identity to the point of becoming unrecognizable to yourself and to others. 

Anita Sambanje is a visual artist whose artistic practice consists of exploring, the interaction and integration of the body with nature, the search foridentity and place(s) in the world, the interpretation and processing of feelings, and internal conflicts. @anita_sambanje

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Alex is a trained photojournalist who started her passion for photography in the darkroom. She worked documenting for NGO's, while simultaneously building her knowledge in the fine art world. In 2014, she first exhibited her collection of abstract and travel documentary fine art works. Since the birth of her first daughter in 2017, her heart made the natural transition to the documentation of family, birth and motherhood. A space in which her love for photojournalism and fine art have been able to merge.@alex.serafini.photography

"BAY" (2021)

Open Edition

R1,200 A3

Kids do not want to be directed or placed in a shot. This lack of control forces one to see the beauty in their surroundings and use what elements you've been given to work with. Photographing my daughter, Bay, has been one of my biggest lessons in being patient, keeping my eye sharp in creating a shot.

"MORE THAN" (2020)

Open Edition

R1,200 A3

Part of a series of double exposures of my own family, this image was shot during our first national lockdown in early 2020. The project was set with two other South African family photographers, with hope to ignite inspiration and educate in a time when most were feeling creatively blocked.


Schallert Kids, Kommetjie, 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A3

This portrait forms part of a series documenting the uncensored daily life of the five Schallert children, at home, exposing both the joys and struggles of growing up in a big family.

Sharday Swanepoel is a South African photographic artist currently living and working in the small coastal village of Kommetjie, just outside Cape Town. Her work explores the juxtaposition of childhood wonder set against the backdrop of mundane domestic life, using intimate imagery to depict the uncensored realities of motherhood. @shardayswanepoel

•    •    •


Saki, 2019 / From the series “You are a person who really lives very far away


Not editioned


“You are a person who really lives very far away./貴方は本当にとても遠くに住んでいる人です“ is a
semi-fictitious travelogue, an unreliable record of a journey across Japan, documenting transitional observations, encounters and farewells of a ‘person who really lives very far away’.

Fabian Hammerl is a Hamburg based artist/photographer. 
His artistic practice is based on long aimless drifts through mostly urban environments, allowing the attention to shift towards emotive features embedded in the cities’ visual spatial structures. 
The resulting long-term series ‘Things As They’ is a body of work in constant transformation.
For exhibition and book projects he de- and re-contextualises photographs from different series, often in collaboration with other artists, formulating essayistic narratives with a freewheeling approach towards temporal and spatial coherence.

His work has been exhibited in group and solo shows in Europe, Asia and the US. He has been participating in artist residencies in China and Japan, and is organising and curating international collaborative projects.

Insta: @fabian.hammerl

•    •    •


Lice infested Oats, (2020)
Edition: 1/5  A2

Sometimes lice aren’t that hard to spot. 

Sune is a photographer and writer based in Cape Town. Her focus on the human form is rooted in a self-expression of emotions, questions, critiques. Whether they be tender, difficult, soft, or isolated, she uses the body along with disruptive notions of identity to express these sentiments. Her self-portraiture explores not only a personal journey, but a human one. We have all felt loss, grief, pain, irreverence. We lie on floors when we’re sad and we feel the earth fall from under us when we grieve. Her images are merely an expression of these nuances. 


Break up with me more, (2021)
Edition: 1/5  A2

At the height of a breakup, I moved into a new flat and started the journey to “recovery”. This was one of the first portraits I took in my new place. A place where love, growth and friendship would eventually blossom. However, the journey is never easy and in this image I was at my thinnest. At first, I took it to show the strength of a house I had built/was building for myself, but my body told a different story. I see feral eyes, a bare boned back, and someone precariously balanced on the weight of their expectations.

In the valleys of Kogelberg, (2022)
Edition: 1/5  A2

I met my partner, Jan, who is featured in the photograph after moving to Cape Town. The image that was originally in my mind was of him carrying me over his shoulder in the vast expanse of the Kogelberg valley. I suppose when looking at it one could see “saviour” metaphors, patriarchal tropes of damsels etc. But the journey is never easy on the back of a man. 

In this search for a specific photo, I came to find a second half. Not in the way a half is needed to complete, but in the way your body recognises that this is something/someone it will forever miss the presence of.  

This image represents union, growth (together and of the self), a meeting of souls, and the slow revealing of each other, to each other. 

Jozi Medusa, (2021)
Edition: 1/5  A2

The myth of medusa is one of protection and self-preservation. Her power is a beacon of safety for a woman who has tolerated too much from the whims of weak men. Turn them to stone bbg.

•    •    •


Palesa N Nkone (b.1994) is a published visual and literary artist born and raised eGqeberha, now based in Emalahleni, South Africa. Her work is meditative and lives in the empty spaces between reality and fiction. Looking at her artwork, you are standing behind her pensive eyes, watching the world go by. Guided by her mind's eye, she uses her voice with such freedom and fluidity to tell stories rooted in exploring the many faces of uNkulunkulu (God1) and the beauty and insanity of being a Ntsundu spirit wading through the world. She dedicates her work to spirit, stillness, and her mother. @palesa_nkone

HOME, 2021




A woman draped in silk organza, standing in the stillness of a room steeped in the past. It is a room haunted by memories of love that once thrived but now lay wilted and rotting. Clinging to her like a shroud, the same fabric that once whispered promises of ecstasy and
devotion, now echoes with sweet agonizing cries of a heart mourning the death of a lover who still walks
with the living.

She has longed for her lover's return, begged for his presence to fill the void. Yet, he remains an elusive spectre, choosing to be anywhere but near her. And so, she mourns.

•    •    •


Sophie is a documentary lifestyle photographer living and working in South Africa. She looks for the sweet spot between storytelling and art, bearing witness to the intimate connections between people - mothers and children, families and lovers - in a way that celebrates these intimate moments by elevating them to feel like art. Her work is informed by the years that she spent at home with her young children, learning to find beauty in the every day and create images that are less about styling, and technical perfection, and more about making the viewer feel deeply. @what.sophie.saw

The ghost of grumpy mornings (2023)

1st edition

R500 A3

The ghost of grumpy mornings
is a portrait of my daughter, captured en route from the bedroom to the kitchen on a school morning. I was a rather misunderstood teenager and I'll never forget a fight with my mother in which she exclaimed in frustration that she hoped I had a daughter just like myself. And so, like a ghost coming to haunt me, so I have indeed been given a daughter who is just like me. She reflects my inner child with a poignancy that forced me to reparent myself while I parent her, to fall apart and heal and grow along with her.

•    •    •


Ade (from the series “Museum”. 2020)

(Not currently editioned)

$160 A2

Ade is a portrait that was made on set for a narrative film project, and which also makes up a part of the ongoing series “Museum”. An attempt to recontextualise perceptions of African people and environments in a way that not only documents, but preserves an essence of a people and a place within the framework of museum paintings and artwork. The portrait of Ade shows not just an image of a modern Nigerian woman, but a woman still yet to find her place in the global conversation of what it is to be a Nigerian today, and what that will mean decades from now. 

Tony Sebastian Ukpo is a Nigerian-British filmmaker and photographer. His work was recently featured at the National Portrait Gallery in London as part of the Taylor Wessing photographic portrait prize. Working primarily on film from 35mm to large format, his work explores the human element through formal portrait and documentary work with a keen interest in the material process. He is also a mentor for the Sundance institute’s collab filmmaking program, and a creative consultant for film and television. @photovoyager

•    •    •


Twasa Lijogil - The Calling (2022)


The Calling is an ongoing project documenting individuals called by their ancestors to serve their community through traditional medicine and ritual in pursuit of becoming a Sangoma or traditional healer.


•    •    •


Thapelo Khoarai is a contemporary photographer with the love for fashion photography and portraiture. My body of work reflects emotion and a journey in life. Am inspired by a generation that strives to live a mark. @thapelokhoarai

Burning Desire, (2022)
Edition: First
R2000 A2

This image was created after my mother was really sick, and I thought I was going to lose her, during that timeI was very emotional and felt the need to create a beautiful piece of artwork that could cheer me upAnd be confident that my mother if gone gave birth to someone that could overcome anything through his art.
This was a burning desire to create.

Lonerism, (2022)
Edition: First
R2000 A2

LonerismIs a series depicting inner emotions, mostly fear, a sense of loss of direction on my path and journey in life, loneliness, self destructive behaviour and the urge to overcome them all to restore balance in my life and within myself.

•    •    •


Khanya Zibaya is a multidisciplinary artist. Born in the Eastern Cape, Mount Fletcher raised in a small village called Sikote. His
work about the abuse of black bodies and questions of freedom the possibilities of black existing freely while black or thereʼs if there is a
turning of white for acceptance and real freedom. @my_actingcanvas

Ikhompi, (2023)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Edition: 1/7 x 2 AP Photographic Print Archival Paper 29.7 x 42                                                                                                                                                                R10 000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

IKhompi is a process done mostly by black females either in the townships or rural areas. In this process they apply calamine lotion, home remedies or recommend lotion on their faces. Depending on how long they decide to do this for they wake every morning they apply the calamine lotion keep it on for the rest of the day, sleep with it wash it in the morning and reapply it again. The process can last a week or a month the person stays indoors for the entire process they can not be around the sun or any place with heat 

Umhlaba Ubovu 


Edition of 7 x 2 AP 

Photographic Print/ Archival Paper 

29,7 x 42 

R 8000

This work about a bleeding wound that is not healing and is always dying it’s blood has become water to us it’s death has become life to us 

•    •    •


Ina Propriette - Death Of Glitter (2023)



•    •    •


Identicals, (2016)
Edition: First
R6000 A3

Sharing the beauty of life, the power of creation and capturing a moment of magic in the people behind the camera will also be appreciated by the subjects. There is a sense of confusion between the identical people who identify themselves through the photo. Capturing unique subjects brings me much joy and fascination that there can be so much beauty and uniqueness in people's creation. The feeling it gives the subjects that there can be another version of myself, different only in personality and character.

Siphesihle Vusumuzi Radebe born in 1994.Photographer based in Durban,South Africa.Graduated at the Durban university of technology with a National Diploma in photography.My journey as a photographer has taught me a lot of things about visualization and creativity. My Work explores different cultures, religious Philosophy ,contemporary art and portraiture with influences as diverse as Henri Cartier- Bresson, Eugenio Recucenco, Elliot Erwitt and Horst P Horst These Photographers best describe my style of work: Simplicity and complex meanings. I believe As a photographer you should always have inspiration to improve your creativity,explore and have an interest. 


•    •    •


"Ulindeni" , (2021)

"Ulindeni"  was made soon after a Covid with so much confusion no hope in us and around the world. Asking ourselves where to go from here because l had felt like we had been waiting for long for things to get better so life can get to normal. This title is a question asking the viewer what are they waiting for to uplift themselves 
Dudu is an Artist using photography as a way to tell stories bred in Zimbabwe now living and creating in South Africa. He is a pluralist fascinated by human behaviours and how we move in spaces. Founded Dayphotolife a visual narrative atelier with clear vision through photography. His work explores the poetic and lyrical nuance of authentic African culture that are relatable and familiar. He creates from a place that's very personal but it also asks the viewer to comment on their experiences. He believers if we don't document the trust our history will be a lie.

•    •    •


Harsh Nights, 2022

Ahmed Khirelsid (b. 2001) is an emerging photographer and visual storyteller based in Khartoum, Sudan. He uses photography to understand himself and his environment through a process of questioning and seeking answers. His work is based on the concepts of family, city, and memories, concentrating on how memories intersect with the physical world and shape the present. @ahmed_khirelsid

•    •    •


The art of survival, the selling of second hand tires, 2021
Price: R4000 A4

This is documentary series based on the selling of second hand tyres. Mr Sibsi is a local nancefield dweller who refurbishes second hand tyres and sells them for a profit, that's how he is able to survive the huge unemployment rate in the country and support himself and his family.

Broken villages is a duo collaborative project aimed at storytelling by two individuals named Gugulethu Ndlalani (creative director) and Mpumelelo Buthelezi (visual director).
They reside in a significant historic town called Soweto, they communicate the story of Africa to the world.
The project focuses on three chapters namely, the art of fashion, the art of survival and the art of transportation, they don’t change perspective but allow people to draw their own narrative through
what they see in their visuals. @brokenvillages

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Change Please, 2022
Price: R1500 A4

André is a public health medicine physician and visual artist. His transdisciplinary art practice interrogates inequality in society; explores how urban spaces are utilised, affect and influence peoples’ lives; and our connectedness to the soil. He weaves his visual art creativity with his scientific public health training to comment on pertinent contemporary public health issues. His interest and imagination are captured by the underbelly of society
and its citizens at the fringe. His imagery disrupts the sublime narrative of photography and seeks to capture how light etches the marks of society onto the photograph. He allows the
images to narrate a story that invites the viewer into a paradoxically uncomfortable serene space.@yellow_pens

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Oneness, (2022)
Edition: 1/1 +AP
R8000 A3

Both works were photographed with the intention to portray people in connection with the land, as part of the land. 

Wyssolela Moreira, born in Luanda, lives and works between Toronto, Canada and Luanda, Angola as a multidisciplinary artist, and art director.

Her artistic and experimental practice uses mixed-media collage, writing, photography, installation, video art, and performance to explore the complexities of a Self influenced by neo-colonial normativity. She works at the intersection of art and spirituality, and centers the deconstruction of colonial inheritance pertaining to the body, identity, space, belief, and health. She also uses her work to hold space for marginalized experiences, challenge existing narratives about Africanism/Blackness, and highlight the social realities of gender and human rights inequality. @wyssolmoreira

Of land and bones

Edition: 1/1 + AP



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Mónica e Simone (2022)                                                                         Not for sale 

In 2022 the three of us went to Tenerife, rented an autocaravan and spent some days traveling.
After a rainy night in the North of Tenerife in Montañas Negras. Once we stepped out of the van, there was this amazing crispy cold light that made our surroundings even more beautiful, so I really had to take this picture.


In 2013 Attended the Dramatic Expression course at Chapitô, Lisboa
He is co-founder of the collective Gmurda, which develops its artistic practice around video and performance, since 2012.
In 2014 he participated in the artistic residency Som e Ruína, with the collective Gmurda, in the South and Center of Portugal
In 2019, he participated in the artistic residency Catchupa Factuary in Cape Verde
In 2020 he attended the Master in artistic photography at the Institute of Cultural Production and Image, Porto
In 2021, he participated in the artistic residency “From a Distance Calling” at Hangar, Centro de Investigação Artística. Lisbon
In 2022, he attended the initiation course to cinema in 16mm, taught by the cultural cooperative Rua Escura, Porto.
His most recent work includes participation in the group exhibitions “Unearting Memories”- Porto 2019 / “Portrait Show”-
Johannesburg 2020 / “Family Maters”- Maputo 2020 / “Dissident Planets” online exhibition 2020 / “No Work” Porto 2021 /
“Our (Spatial) Stories Live In Performative Futures” - Lisbon 2022 / “Intimate to political: a collective avatar”_ Coletivo
InterStruct - Porto 2022 / “Drifts and Creatures — New acquisitions from the Municipal Art Collection” - Porto 2023

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The So Called OG, 2022
Not for sale

The 'So Called OG' is a self portrait I made of myself in my bedroom. The title derives from my name which is (OG)orogile, and most times I am called OG.                                                         Therefore the image is referencing the acronym OG is which is a slang word for 'Original Gangster'. I am not a gangster by the way, the portrait is just a mere interpretation of 'OG' and the connotations associated with it, also covering my face was a way of placing emphasis on this 'So Called OG' person... Which is somehow me but somehow a projection of people's ideas associated with the slang term.

Ogorogile Nong (b.1999) is a South African Visual Artist from Protea Glen located in Soweto.
In 2020 Nong completed his Foundation Course at the Market Photo Workshop and continued on to complete the Intermediate Course during the year (2021). Nong went to complete his
Advanced photography course at Through the Lens collective (2022) where he developed his body of work centered around global warming. Nong was also Part of “The Nature Of
Photography '' group exhibition that took place early (2022) at Through the Lens collective. Later in the year (2022) he was one of the participants selected to take part in the (EU)
European Union Notions for home, Identity and belonging mentorship working alongside other artists to develop work centered around the theme of xenophobia.
In March (2023) he got the opportunity to be part of the Eco-Cultural Justice project at constitutional hill consisting of intensive creative entrepreneurship and biodiversity workshops
- the project resulted in a collaborative mural for the renovation of the Transwerke studios front wall. Mid April 2023 an exhibition took place at the Javett Art Centre in the University of Pretoria, as a result of the Notions of home, identity and belonging mentorship funded by the European Union, getting the chance to be part of a group exhibit, showcasing work he created in the process of the mentorship speaking to this idea of ‘othering’ whilst addressing some ofhis own perceptions and misconceptions around identity and belonging. @father_afrique

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Ready to Jump, (2021)
Edition: 20
$600 A2

Contemporary dance fascinates me, I started working on this theme in 2011. More than just body movements, it is a powerful means of expression often misunderstood by the public. I try to tell this art of dance so free and unpredictable through photography. Beyond the simple movement narration, I create art photos inspired by the charcoal drawing technique. "Ready to jump" is part of the Oxymore series; I used the technique of overprinting to tell the story of the dancer's movements while taking his portrait.

Viviane is a Malagasy photographer, born and living in the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo. She was a painting artist before becoming a photographer. She exhibited her photos for the first time at the Isar't gallery in Antananarivo in 2011 with "Tano-ora" (hold the time), an exhibition on youth and the body, in duo with a Malagasy photographer.

Thereafter, she held her first solo exhibition entitled "Abattoir" in 2011 at the gallery No Comment, on zebus in the slaughterhouses of Antananarivo. In 2013, she exhibited her vision of Madagascar with 5 other photographers in "Regards Pluriel" in 2013 - French Institute of Madagascar. The same year, her work on contemporary dance, "Nude" was exhibited in Kenya Nairobi in a private gallery.

Viviane has been collaborating with Malagasy contemporary dancers since 2011 and will exhibit on dance in March 2019 at the Is'art Galerie. Then, in early 2021, she entered a 3-month residency at the French Institute of Madagascar on the same theme.

Her love of humanity also drives her to take portraits of the individuals who were most affected by the lockdown in 2020. This photographic project was selected by the HY endowment fund in late 2020 and has been exhibited from October 2021 for a period of 6 months.

Viviane has also been selected by VII Academy, along with nine other African photographers to attend an online training course during June and July 2022. Lately, she had an exhibition about photography and dance and time which took place in October 2023 at Fondation H Madagascar.@viviane.rakotoarivony

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Ambre, Pondolandia (2021)



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Back Home, 2022
Edition: 2/10
Price: R3800 A3

In this new body of work (tentatively called Back Home), I am working with women in their 20s, photographing them in a vibrant and surreal way within the family home.
Working in collaboration with the subject, I am attempting to create a domestic inventory with these young women within the interiors of their parents’ homes. This inventory may or may not be psychologically loaded, depending on the development of the collaborative project with special emphasis on input from the sitter. Over and above the collaborative nature of this series, my artistic strategy is one of experimentation and practical application to refine and develop each concept.

Julie Aarts (b. 1995, Johannesburg, South Africa) is a photographer, who works in this medium because she finds that it is a great tool to conceptualise and understand her experiences of the world around her best.@julieeaarts

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The Feather Queen
R 1300-00
Unique edition A4

The Feather Queen is part of a portrait series with actress/model/friend Jasmine Hazy. The series focuses on her connection her pet birds - a bond and love that is as endearing as it is surreal.

Marnus Strydom (b. 1987) is a visual artist and photographer based in Johannesburg, South
Africa. Known to blend his love for genre cinema with analogue photography, Strydom builds worlds inside the frame, blurring the lines realism and surrealism. Strydom started his creative
career in the music and event industry and still draws influence from album covers and music editorial shoots. Later he pursued a career in the contemporary art industry where he still works
as a consultant. Strydom also works in the film industry. He has exhibited at numerous galleries in Johannesburg, South Africa in both focused and group shows.


Star Dust Woman
Unique Edition: 29.7 cm  x29.7 cm

Star Dust Woman is part of the series, Tarot Planet. Tarot Planet is the personal sequel to Strydom and painter Koos van der Wat’s two man 2022 exhibition, AFRIKA 3000, in which Strydom further explores the absurdity of the impending future in a series of intimate portraits.

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Jacques Smit

Lupus Non Mordet Lupum, 2019

 R930 A3

Jacques Smit is a South African photographer and musician based with my family in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Website - pursuethewolf

Instagram - @pursuethewolf

Bandcamp - mouthofwolf

My mother was born in the Overberg town of Caledon, South Africa in 1953. She was the only girl in her last year of high school in Riviersonderend where her nickname was 'White Rat'. At 19, she married my father, giving up her teacher training at Stellenbosch University, the bastion of Calvinist Afrikaner Nationalism. Once a talented potter and equestrian, a debilitating concussion pushed my mother's health firmly to the brink.
Today, at 69, she battles the physical and psychological effects of Lupus, an autoimmune disease causing the body to attack its own organs. When first encountered in the 13th century, it was thought the accompanying facial lesions, spread across the cheeks like the wings of a Lepidoptera [butterfly or moth], resembled the bite marks of a wolf. Difficult to treat, its exact cause remains unknown.
As the father of two daughters, who refer to me by my nickname 'Wolf', I am only lately beginning to comprehend her sacrifice, dependence, bitterness, doubt, regeneration, and relentless spiritual pursuit as a partner, mother, grandparent, and most ultimately, a woman.

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Conversation with self, 2019

Edition: 2/3

R13 780.00 A4

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