All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.” Susan Sontag

Over the last couple of years we’ve participated in a collective reflection on life, death, and everything in between. Experiencing the loss of so many lives across the world, some as close as our own homes and communities; together we’ve entered into forced consideration of what it means to be alive at present, the fragility of human life, and the fleeting nature of our physical existence. 

The time spent reflecting on our relationships to other human beings, whether physical, socio-psychological, economic or otherwise, has heightened our awareness of our common humanity and mortality, as that which connects us all - regardless of the diversity of beliefs, experiences, social systems and geographies which seemingly separate us. Beyond the confines of culture and geographical borders, exists a common need to visualise the relationship between ourselves and others, for it is always our deep connections to other beings which drive and shape our earthly experience. 

And now, as we stare at the flattened surfaces of our human existence, we are reminded of both the triumphs and failures of photography, in its ability to both reveal and miss the very thing we are trying to explain. 




"ABUTI" is part on an on going series titled "TUMELO", the series dwells on the duality of religion –both as something illogical and seemingly absurd but also as something beautiful –people's ability to see beyond themselves.

Obakeng Molepe (b. 1994) in Westrand, South Africa is a visual artist based in Johannesburg. His work shares the perspective of life as a black youth in post-apartheid South Africa. He studied photography at Vega, developing both theoretical and technical skills. Townships in Johannesburg are an intricate part of Molepe’s practice. He spearheads an initiative called ‘Ntwana Kasi’ which is a platform he created to teach children about finding their voices in the creative world. He aims to inspire young minds to create and manage successful careers in the arts. Molepe’s work has been featured in prestigious titles such as Desundo Magazine, The British Journal of Photography, and Vogue. He has participated in a number of group exhibitions since 2014, and in 2017 was selected as one of South Africa’s Top 100 artists for Sasol’s New Signatures. In 2020 his work was published in Oath Magazine, as one of the top choices for ones-to-watch for emerging voices from the African continent.



GARDA, 2019




From the Series “Tenure”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Tenure describes the act of holding or possessing, as well as the status granted after a probationary period that protects one from dismissal. A meditation of home and husband, scenes crafted from my latter-day marriage. Ebbing and flowing in a universe the size of a house, we circle round each other as measures in time.                        

Kathryn Weinstein is an Associate Professor of Design at Queens College, City University of New York.



Behind the Front

Edition:1/5 +2AP

R5500 unframed

Like all the self- portraits I create, the intention is to express myself without attaching a face, and using only body language

Katlisho Kat Tleane was born in Ga Maja, a village outside Polokwane in the Limpopo province, South Africa. He is a self taught photographer working in the modes of self portraiture and street photography. Shortly after he moved to Johannesburg his work Cattle herders was part of the top 100 Thami Mnyele Fine Arts competition in 2019. In 2020 he enrolled for an advanced course in photography with Through the Lens Collective were he developed a body of work called "Nothing for us here".




Edition: A0 1/5


'UHURU, I AM', is a reflection on the generations of conditioning by institutions, philosophies, and ideologies put into place, rendering the African diaspora at a point of self doubt and self-detriment. This series abstractly looks at the idea of individually being born with wings to fly, yet all these adversities mute the power to soar and reach our greatest potential. This series aims to set the tone of a journey of rediscovering the inherent power we individually possess and the freedoms that lie within us all.

Mvelo Mahlangu was born and raised in Yeoville, Johannesburg with Japanese and Zulu/Ndebele heritage. She has been passionate about images and drawing from a young age. Mvelo is an Architectural technician, photographer and visual artist concerned with works which visually carry the stories of the past, present and future concerning the human experience. Her hope is that her photography and visual works become part of a greater dialogue between people from different backgrounds and may we band together and forge ahead with the spirit of "many in body, one in mind”.



Marc/Marcus: I am a mirror reflecting truth you cannot see. 2020

Edition:A4 1/3


Price:R1200 framed

I don't know if I had any particular 'intention' when I took this picture. On that particular Sunday afternoon, I spent with my then partner, resting our tired bones from a previous night of debauchery. The way we spent most Sunday's really. This time I had my trusty SLR and at that moment, he looked beautiful to me. That was the last time I remember us feeling happy. The gold painted turd lost it's glimmer. For long we blamed one another for the incredible super nova we had. exploding and then imploding. We never trusted each other. Our love was strong yet destructive and abusive. AND so. We saw the flaws in ourselves through each other's lives.eyes. 

I asked him to stay.  

                  he didn't.  

We didn't talk for 2 years. 

Resentment. Pain. Anguish. 

But finally, I know we're cool. 

Joy is a multi-medium artist based in Johannesburg, who grew up in the Freestate. Their work is photographic, cinematic, performative, textual, sound and voice as well as drawing, painting and embroidery driven. Besides this they explore notions such as archive methodology as artistic research, having written for a number of titles including Cav’d Platform, Artthrob, Afropunk and Bubblegum Club (2019 editor). joy. forms a part of communities such as Women Photograph, shesaidso.za and Through the Lens Collective. They are currently completing their Masters in Fine Arts at the Wits School of Arts where they are an assistant lecturer. They were awarded the Wits Postgraduate Merit Award 2021-2022, and will be completing a studio residency in Belgrade in 2022.



Figures of Speech

Edition:A4 1/7+2AP

Price:R2281 framed

Figures of Speech: Am I uplifting? Do I heal like RnB or trigger with every word? Is my posture one of worship? Figures of Speech is an attempt to examine self. If success is staying true to your convictions, then how successful am I?

Luke Thabo Nyathi, who goes by Luke & Getvulnerable, is a Johannesburg based artist dabbling in the medium of photography. Luke completed the Intermediate Course in Photography at Market Photo Workshop in 2020 and then enrolled in the Advanced Programme in Photography at the same institution 2021. The artist attempts to enthral the audience through personal yet universal narratives of loss, redemption and all the gorgeous gloomy details in between. 



Young Jesse

No Edition:1/1

Price on request

Farren van Wyk, born in 1993, is a South African and Dutch photographer and in the process of becoming a mentor. She graduated from the University of Arts (HKU) in 2016 where she received her BA degree in Photography after an extensive photography and research project with (ex-)gangsters in South African coloured communities in her hometown Port Elizabeth, trying to centralise coloured people with dignity and make this a normality. Farren has been living in The Netherlands for over twenty years and her dual nationality is the crux of her work. The centuries of white western domination that implemented colonisation, slave trade and the Dutch participation in apartheid is deeply ingrained in the landscape that she was born in. This historical and somewhat troubling relationship between these two countries that she calls home sparks a lot of questions that she tries to answer within her work. Most of the questions stay unanswered, which is also the beauty of the whole journey.  


Ghosts in the Township, Katlehong, 2019

Edition:A4  1/10

Ghosts In The Township shines the light to the unemployed youth of South Africa particularly those from the township that are seen as not contributing to the society because of the lack of opportunities and resources. Ghosts In The Township aims to give hope and give recognition to those feeling neglected by the system. This work aims to start a conversations thatwill help create change in our societies.

Hloni Matjila was born in 1995 in Katlehong, East Johannesburg. In 2016, Matjila studied Film and Television at City Varsity, Johannesburg and has built a career in the film industry as a freelance camera operator. He studied a foundation course at The Market Photo Workshop in 2018, and in 2019 photographed a collaborative magazine cover with Ketumile Meso for Nice Magazine No 3 Katlehong Edition featuring his personal work called My Kasi Tour, in ongoing collaboration with Ketumile Meso and Ghosts In The Township in collaboration with Phindile Thengeni. In 2020, Matjila was included in Entanglements, a group exhibition at Afrovibes Festival in Amsterdam.



Healthy Bird, 2020

Edition: 5 + 2AP

A3 fine art prints for sale. Hahnemühle Photo Rag. R5,000 (50% percent of profits will be donated to Jungle Theatre, an non-profit that does theatre productions for children and young people on social, cultural, and environmental themes).

Mario Matiya plays the role of Bongi Bird in the Jungle Theatre play ‘Healthy Bird.’ The play teaches children about Covid-19 and the importance of healthy eating, social distancing, mask-wearing, and good hand hygiene. In 2020, Jungle Theatre performed the educational play at community kitchens in Vrygrond, an informal settlement. The kitchens have been providing meals to hundreds of people daily throughout the pandemic. The play kept those in line, young and old, entertained. This colourful bird character is a strong, graceful presence, educating and entertaining at a difficult time.

Brendon Bosworth is a self-taught photographer based in Cape Town. A large part of his work involves photographing everyday life at Muizenberg beach, an ongoing long-term project that incorporates aspects of street and documentary photography. His approach to photography is mindful and gentle with an openness to learning more about himself and the world around him.       He is also interested in the way that photography can foster a connection to place that allows us to better understand how the natural world changes as a result of influences such as climate change. 

His work has featured in exhibitions in South Africa and abroad. 

Website: www.brendonbosworth.com

Instagram: @brendon_bos




Lulama Rikhotso was born in 1997 in Johannesburg and lives in Dobsonville Ext3,Soweto. She discovered the love of photography in high school at Aurora Girls High, where she participated in a program held by Zanele Muholi and Lindeka Qampi in 2014.She since fell in love with photography, In 2019, Lulama completed a foundation course at the Market Photo Workshop. She has since joined Through The Lens Collective for mentorship.



See no evil, Speak no evil, 2020


Tumahole Thato Khaile was born in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa in 1990. He lives and works in Johannesburg.



Dorcas, Burnthouse Lane, UK 2020 from the series “Breathe”

Edition: Not editioned



I went into self-isolation on the 16th March 2020. In order to deal with this I documented - first with social isolation and then with lockdown - how people were managing private and public spaces during Covid on my daily walks in an historic neighboring area, Burnthouse Lane, close to where I live in the UK.

The image of Dorcas was taken in the back garden of her house. I had met her with her father and brother in the playing fields and he asked if I could take family photographs for his 40th birthday in their traditional Nigerian dress.

Michelle Sank was born in South Africa and settled in the UK in 1987. She cites this background as informing her interest in sub-cultures and the exploration of contemporary social issues and challenges. Her crafted portraits meld place and person creating sociological, visual and psychological landscapes and narratives. Her photographs have been exhibited, published and collected extensively both in SA and abroad. Sank has four published books, and has undertaken commissions and residencies for prominent galleries and magazines in Europe and the USA. 




Faces and Spaces,2020

editions:A4 1/5


This image is part of a series I created in 2020, the narrative was about me feeling out of place in all the spaces that I exist in. I collaborated with Karabo Sibisi. The spaces in this sense would be the white space and the black space and I’ve always found myself torn between the two worlds.

Simphiwe Julia Thabede was born in 1999 from Katlehong, the east of Johannesburg. Thabede is a visual artist, photographer and digital collagist. Thabede has completed the Intermediate Course at The Market Photo Workshop and draws inspiration from various artists like Pamela Tulizo, Ogorogile Nong and Mary Sibande to name a few. Her work is influenced by contemporary visual culture, Dadaism and Pop culture. Simphiwe uses the camera as a tool for communication and is passionate about photography, believing that every individual has their own story to tell.



Juck Juck Grunzie, 2013

Edition: A4

Price: R1500


Ayo, 2015

Edition: 1/20 + 2 AP



This is Ayo an 8-year-old girl from the south of Johannesburg. I remember I was busy interviewing her neighbour for another project about family, Ayo and another little boy were running around disturbing the interview and to calm them down I asked them if they wanted me to take a photo of them and they happily agreed. I only said one thing to her, to just be herself but she looked confused but from that confusion I got this beautiful photograph of her.  

Charity is a Durban born photographer who lives in Johannesburg. As a child she had an imaginative mind, which led her to “Villa world”, a creative space where she does all her brainstorming. Her father worked in commercial photography and introduced her to the photography world, which she fell in love with and later enrolled at Market Photo Workshop, in Johannesburg. She has since participated in a few group exhibitions including (in)sight, an all women exhibition at Through The Lens Collective and Joburg Fringe, and is part of the between 10 and 5 A3E program. The photography she creates is very much abstract but also cinematically inspired. 



Monica, 2020

Price available on request

I made this picture on our trip to the  Azores, in São Jorge island. Monica was around 4 months pregnant, and she was about to go for a swim.

Odair Augusto Rocha Monteiro, was born in Cape Verde on March 9, 1982. He is co-founder of the collective Gmurda, which develops their artistic practice around video and performance, since 2012. In 2019 he participated in the Catchupa Factuary artist residency in Cape Verde.He attended the Master in artistic photography at IPCI (Instituto de Produção Cultural e Imagem) in the city Porto, Portugal.Some of his most recent work, the participation in the collective exhibitions: “Alegria Lab”- Porto 2020/ "Unearting Memories" - Porto 2019 / "Portrait Show" - Johannesburg 2020 / "Family Matters" - Maputo 2020 / "Dissident Planets" online exhibition 2020.



Axle, 2020


Chris Stamatiou is a photography nerd based in Pretoria, South Africa. He is an alumni and past lecturer at Market Photo Workshop.Over the years he has participated in workshops hosted by local and international photographers, namely Roger Ballen and Mary Ellen Mark (two of his biggest photographic influences) and recently received an Honourable Mention at the 2020 International Photography Awards.His personal work explores concepts of marginalization, time and change.



La bambouseraie

Edition: A4  1/3


Manon Weiser was born in 1982 and lives in the french Alps. Forever with her is the taste of forgotten memories, clinging from her past like loose threads from a frayed ball of yarn. Dark reminiscences ironically filled by absences and disappearances. Manon likes to go in search of traces, memories, often small footprints, bordering on the imperceptible, to explore the hidden corners of man that we consider dark and which we prefer to hide from our eyes, preferring to live in ignorant bliss. Through the lens, she tries to show what is fundamentally intangible and for this, chose to forego digital mediums in favor of more tangible and more palpable ones with the aim to evoke the rawest of human emotions. Manon’s work combines pinhole, ferrotype, etching, collage and embroidery; and the images aim to arouse a universal common denominator and in doing so they reveal a fragile beauty, that is often subtle and suggestive. But ultimately every beauty, and every emotion succumbs to the inevitable deterioration that strikes everything in this world without prejudice nor bias. 



Pelican, 2014


Cara was born in Johannesburg and spent most of her adult life working there and relishing the city and its delicious stew of people and cultures. Her father (a German immigrant) and mother (a British immigrant and eight years his senior) met at a party in Yeoville and began an unusual union for the time. Her mother was a month short of forty years old when she was born out of wedlock (still a no-no back then) and her parents eventually tied the knot almost two years later. Her father was a camera technician who trained in Germany at Voigtländer. He was an amateur photographer and her first inspiration, although he tried to talk her out of it, saying that being a photographer would be “boring”.




Edition:A4 1/5 +2AP 




Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Velvet Premium Paper

17.3 x 21.56 in

440 x 550 mm

Special Edition of 5

250€ / R4,305

Hannah Jetschmann, b. 1992, is a non-binary photographer, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Their work moves between art & commerce while focused on the intent to represent both their LGBTQIA+ community as well as members of society that are still underrepresented or deemed “non-conforming”. Their visual style anchors itself in deeply saturated colors and in capturing a particular softness around their subjects. Their photographs aim to contribute to the collective effort of diversifying everyday representation within society and finding a more open understanding of “the Other”. Their work has been exhibited in various cities in Europe before making its way to Johannesburg and has been published by print & online magazines worldwide.



A Part Of Me




My intention with this image is to invoke sombre and dark feelings. We always talk about how happy and good we feel (the ups in life) but are so quick to discard the bad days and how shitty we feel (the downs in life). With this photograph I am saying it is okay to feel down every now and again because without that we wouldn't be able to appreciate the good days.

Kopano Madisa is a young emerging photographer with hopes of bringing her two passions of photography and art together. Currently on the journey of finding her voice, Kopano hopes to master the art of portrait photography. She aspires to change the way people see the world and their perspective when viewing an image.



Anas Kamal is a 26 year old graduate from the Faculty of Engineering, and an Egyptian freelance photographer specializing in documenting daily life. Their work focuses on humanitarian issues. Anas was a student at DMJX school studying documentary photography, editing, visual/personal storytelling, and also participated in the 4th Edition of the Canon Student Development program.



40 days of Darkness


Born and raised in Khartoum, Sudan in 1988, Metche Jaafar is an architect, freelance photographer and a visual storyteller with an interest in arts and culture. Influenced by the work of Mary Ellen Marks and many others, she fell in love with photojournalism and documentary photography. Through storytelling she explores history and heritage while documenting the social, political and women’s issues in Khartoum. 




Size:A4 (enquire for other sizes)


My mother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia over 30 years ago when I was still a small child. During the course of my childhood she was admitted to psychiatric hospitals many times. This process has not stopped.  In 2019 Ronel almost died from neglect in a psychiatric ward of a Government Hospital in Cape Town.  After a complicated transfer she ended in ICU on a ventilator in private care. Her recovery was a miracle. When Covid-19 arrived in South Africa we were understandably worried about the risk to her wellbeing. We moved her from her specialised old age home to come and live with myself, my husband and our 8 year old daughter in Muizenberg. My mother came to stay with us just before hard lockdown was announced in South Africa. She stayed with us for 4 months. It was the longest I have lived with her for over 25 years. She has to adhere to a rigid daily medication regimen to maintain her precious stability and our lockdown family life was deeply structured around her routine.

Inge Prins is an award winning photographer based in Cape Town, and holds a BFA degree with major in the photographic arts. She approaches both her commercial and personal work from this fine art background. Inge started her career working as an analogue photographer leading to a meticulous “in -camera” approach that continues in the current digital workspace. Photography is an all compassing aspect of her life, when not shooting commercially Inge regularly does “visual investigations” into subjects that she finds compelling. She recently started a new project dealing with the relationship with her mother who suffers with schizophrenia, hoping to create awareness around mental health issues.”



She was me

Edition: A4  1/3



Spaced In, 2020

Edition: A4 1/3 framed


I took this photo as part of a series of self-portraits in the early months of lockdown. I was reflecting on an isolating time, when my flat was my world and my lounge (pictured) was the extent of the space I travelled within.

Paige Furness uses photography to conceive and reimagine the world within and around her.

@bettipaige               @paigefurnesx



Edition: A4 1/15

Price: R2000 framed

This image forms part of a series of images exploring how through time, generation after generation we evolve but rituals and lessons passed down to us are what keep us true to who we are. Here I explore the ritual of a last born child wearing beads given to them by an elder to signify the loss of both parents, and the importance of this practice.

Roderick Laka is a South African based photographer who has become obsessed with taking moments of life and telling stories through them.             @roderick_laka







Zlus: Where were you?

What are you doing? 

Did you take a stand? Can you account? 

Did you hold the tension?

Zlus asked me for a portrait. The shadows offered a backdrop. The brief was to make it about basketball. Was it really about basketball? 

@Luke &Getvulnerable


Untitled - Self Portrait, 2021

Edition: A4 1/3


I created this image at home, on a Sunday afternoon as a playful experimentation in turning myself into a character. I often relate to self-portraiture as an intuitive dance of seeing a reflection of one's own image and speaking back to that image with artistic interventions that 'play' with the visual identities of this body/this face and this portrayal of 'self'.

Mosa Anita Kaiser is a South African born, lens-based artist. She graduated with distinction from Rhodes University in 2017 with a triple major in Art History & Visual Culture Studies, Studio Practice and Political Philosophy & International Studies. She has completed the Advanced Photography Programme at Market Photo Workshop and works as an independent artist, and arts administrator. She has exhibited her work in numerous group exhibitions both locally and online, including the Pretoria Art Museum as a Sasol New Signatures 2016 merit award winner; SMAC Gallery, Cape Town as part of a group show of emerging young artists titled ‘Disclosure’ in 2017, as well as; F-stop Club SA, Edition One at the Market Photo Workshop and Through The Lens Collective, Victoria Yards for an exhibition titled (in)sight in 2019




No editions


Neil has good, strong hands and piercing blue eyes. He watches everything. He’s easily distracted by the shapes, sounds and colours of the world in the periphery. Somehow, he seems to find calm in the chaos that is his mind. From there the parallel universes emerge in his pictures. From those eyes to his hands and back again - this process has marked his career as a photographer in Johannesburg for the past two decades. Observations note the following; He has an interesting ability to talk to cats and loves coaxing yeast salt and flour into bread.



Girl in Yellow/Girl in Blue, 2020

Size: A4


The following two pieces are part of a series exploring aestheticism as a way to do portrait photography. Portraits can often be understood as a way to frame someone’s individuality and interiority. The interest here is to question that assumption and to walk on a fine line:  between capturing someone's deeper essence and the moment.

Charlotte Roger is a visual artist. Born in the French countryside, she is inspired by the pastoral scenes of her youth and by the unique urban settings of the Netherlands where she is now based. She works at the crossroads of several mediums, particularly printing, photography, and painting. She started to dive into photography after discovering that it was strongly linked to her family’s background, primarily exploring her family’s obsessions and history through her camera. Within her work, she seeks to find a visual link between the subject and it’s pictured interiority. Working with both analogue and digital photography, she experiments with different possibilities in a combination of techniques.




Edition: A4 print




 Alice, 2018

Edition: 1/7 + 2 AP

Size: 200x200mm / R870

Hahnemuehle FineArt Baryta 325 gsm

Edition: 1/7 + 2 AP

Size:400x400mm / R1700

Hahnemuehle FineArt Baryta 325 gsm

Stefanie Kulisch is a freelance photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Her personal work focuses on quiet, atmospheric moments that also questions social issues of living together with an intimate and curious look. Stefanie was born in East Germany where she spent most of her youth. At the age of 19 she moved to the U.K. for a year before she started her studies in Social and Cultural Sciences back in Germany and Sweden. From 2013 till 2016 she studied photography at Ostkreuz School of Photography in Berlin under the guidance of Jonas Maron, Thomas Sandberg, Sibylle Fendt, Werner Ute and Werner Mahler. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the European Month of Photography in Berlin, Germany; the Voies-Off Festival in Arles, France; and the Dak’Art Off Biennale in Saint-Louis, Senegal.



The Flowering of She


No Editions


Behind the making of, it was inspired from the compilation series of a women. The series, the flowering of she draws from the inspiration behind nature and the natural aesthetic a woman embodies. She. A unique flower designed in her very own freedom. She. Born from the earths’ dust, nurtured, delicate, free and wild. As the sun greets you, with hopeful eyes that you will succeed in your days’, the rain, showers you with guidance of growth, the wind, pushes you to face any self-conflicted obstacles faced, and the night, bids you farewell sweetly in hope that you utilized this day.

Felecia Solomons is a lens-based artist, whose creativity stems from an interest in imagination. Her storytelling behind the lens, sparked from her curiosity of the world and has led her to explore the wonders of what the eyes and ears of this earth have to offer. She has taken this as a unique opportunity to see what others’ see, bring a sense of what she sees, and share the feelings of others.



His World, Her Battle,, 2020


No Editions


The piece 'STRENGTH' is part of a series inspired by the high femicide cases occurring in my home country, Kenya. The model's nonchalant expression shows the will of many women who have defied the odds despite living with the traumas of their past. It acts as a reassurance of life, of love and a model to other women who have experienced the same.

Gayle Were is a 21 year old Kenyan creative. Her journey began when she discovered her love for music, which prompted her to explore other mediums of the arts. She found and fell in love with photography and has been working professionally for close to a year. She describes her genre as 'intentional art'. Her goal is to tell important stories and show the beauty of her people to the world through her lens.



Girls and Flowers, 2020


My intention was to create something beautiful. I am a fan of anything beautiful and soothing to just see. I don't think beauty or art should always have meaning or intention.

Akeerebari Kesco Zagha is a self-taught Nigerian photographer with a passion for telling stories. He's currently based in Lagos, Nigeria, and photographs during his leisure. He's interested in creating simple outdoor portraits, documenting life activities, and creating art out of everything—living and still-life.




Edition: 1/7 + 2 AP

Size: 210x297mm / R1700

Hahnemuehle FineArt Baryta 325 gsm



Sta-Lee, 2020


Shot both on medium format film and digital and named after my hometown postal code, "1754" is an ongoing project that aims to tie all the grounding elements found within my projects. The aim of 1754 is to highlight the beautiful parts of Township and Black culture post-apartheid. Most of the pre-existing narratives about black people or townships were created by other races' perceptions of our livelihood from the outside. We hardly had the tools or the opportunity to tell our own stories. The sole purpose of this project is not only to challenge people predispositions about black and township culture but also to challenge black people's perception of themselves.




Edition: 33.53 CM x 50.29 CM

R6930 x edition of 6.


Tshepo Moloi (born 1992) is a Johannesburg based documentary and street photographer who focuses on topics such as migration, belonging, community and it’s subthemes. He became interested in photography and film-making in 2015, and in 2016 participated in the group show ‘Fluxus Now’ by Space Space Gallery, Johannesburg. In 2017 he joined the Market Photo Workshop, where he completed a foundation course. In 2018 he showcased in Howdy by Space Space Gallery in Switzerland, and in 2019 at Spring Exhibition, Julie Miller Art, Johannesburg, and ‘awayfromthekeyboard.gif’, A4 Arts Foundation, Cape Town. In 2020, he completed the Advanced Course in photography at Through The Lens Collective (TTLC) and participated in The Portrait Show by TTLC, Johannesburg and ‘The Precarity of Spectacle’ by Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town. In 2021 he exhibited online in Pictures From The Inside, Through The Lens Collective, and the Kampala Art Biennale, his work was recently featured in the group exhibition Of Blood, Sweat and Data: On People, Place and Photography in Rosebank, Johannesburg. His work was published on Africanah.org (Amsterdam), The Kiosk of Democracy (Germany, Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg). 



Tai Chi


 By Bonolo Tlholoe. (Designer & Stylist) @tlholoebonolo

 An ancient Chinese form of martial art. It is also commonly referred to as tai chi chuan, meaning the grand ultimate fist. Due to its slow and gentle movements, some call tai chi chuan, the dance of the peaceful warrior. However, don’t be fooled by those. When applied in combat, this form can be deadly.

In collaboration with Letlhogonolo Mothibi (Model)

My interest in tai chi came about as a result of my being exposed to Chinese practices such as meditation, particularly Buddhist meditation. I came to realise how very related they are, and how they complement each other. In meditation, we sit, and in tai chi we move around. Thus, tai chi can be said to be moving meditation.

In scientific terms, chi can be called energy; bio-electro-magnetic energy. Electro-magnetic energy is everywhere, and through the practice of tai chi, as well as chi kung, one learns how to absorb and harness this energy. Chi is not as mysterious as it sounds. Each and every one of us has it, it is not specific to certain individuals. If you didn’t have chi in your body, you would not be alive. Chi is the vital life force that lights up and rejuvenates your entire body.

People who practice tai chi and chi kung live up to a ripe old age, with very minimal, if any, diseases associated with old age. It is good for stress, hypertension, depression, insomnia, arthritis and is also good for the prevention of degenerative brain diseases.

Tai chi is one of the best forms of martial arts to practice. In tai chi, one is trained not only how to use physical strength, but internal strength as well. Thus it is suitable to any body type; muscular, slender, short and tall. Whereas in most forms of martial arts, one is trained to absorb the pressure of your opponent’s strikes, in tai chi, one learns how to flow, with opponent’s energy. The aim is not to block the energy, but to redirect the energy. 

Photographed @Nkhensanimkhari


Title:Peace Day Celebrations, 2021

This photo was taken at the commemoration of the glorious December revolution on Peace Day at my college, which opened its doors after three years of repeated closures, which was due to the unjust regime that left after the revolution, so the picture is full of joy, hope and happiness. 

Razaz Seif El-Din is a Sudanese student at the University of Khartoum who started photography about a year ago. Not good at expressing through words, they found in photography the best way to express and convey to the world what they see and what is happening. 


Narciso Hounwana



The aim of this portraits that created is to spark an interest and desire in people to want to understand who they really are, the connection between the geographical space we find ourselves in as humans, and the link or meaning of our presence in those spaces.

Narciso Hounwana is a 23 year old photographer, videographer, entrepreneur and writer, born in Maputo, Mozambique and raised in Meadowlands Zone 9 in Soweto, Johannesburg. Almost everyone around him did music and had/wore clothing brands, so he thought why not document it? He now spends his time with artists in their creative spaces, photographing moments.


Nontsikelelo Veleko

Nicolas, Skin Deep 2019



Born in 1977 in the North West Bodibe South Africa Nontsikelelo Veleko was raised in Cape Town

Nontsikelelo Veleko studied photography from 2000-2003 at the Market Photoworkshop and was a trainer in outreach projects in photography. Nontsikelelo worked under John Fleetwood from 2001-2007 with projects such as “Take a girl to work” sponsored by a cellular company CELL C as well as training street photographer’s digital photography. She has worked on several photography exhibition showing her work all over the world (RECONTRES DE BAMAKO, MALI, Studio HARLEM, ICP NEWYORK, Basel SWITZERLAND, JAPAN, ITALY,Sweden, France, Arles etc

The first show she curated was RESIST(E) Printemps photographic South Africa in Nimes, France in 2017 where she liased with South African photographers form different provinces of South Africa so as to showcase contemporary South African photography. The resist(e) show consisted of a conference and different venues to see different works of photographers

Nontsikelelo currently lives and works from Nimes,France with gallerie NEGPOS assisting and mounting their exhibitions


Nontsikelelo Veleko

The SKIN DEEP project reflects on masks as well as on beauty, life and death.

Never have masks been so present in our lives as today. Though our masks act as a protection from death, none of these masks, unlike traditional masks, speak of beauty, of life or of the mysteries of initiatory transformation, including that of death. I was considering these things when I made this work. 

It is common in Africa and elsewhere to cover the body or face with water and soil from the riverbanks to draw out impurities and leave the skin soft and beautiful. Beauty drawn from mud. Mud as a protection from toxins. Masks as a protection from eyes that stop at the face or skin and cannot see into the depths of our beings where we negotiate who we are from minute to minute. Masks more powerful than social masks which fall when put to the test. Masks that afford us the privacy to be ourselves. Masks under which we all, sons and daughters of the soil, have the same composition of skin and blood. We seek to find the balance between exposure and protection, just as the right balance between the soil and water is needed for plant life.

In the photography and development process, I concentrate on focus. Then the portrait emerges like a sculpture, the cracks an aesthetic feature highlighting unexpected pathways. There is sometimes an under layer of gold, the cracks then appearing inlaid as in broken Japanese pottery, where texture is valued as a sign of time and story. Asia is just as present in my work as Africa. I always knew that Asian stage masks allowed men to perform as women, for example, whereas the African face mask, as in white or red clay, will be a sign of being in a different state. The mask both covers and reveals, allowing us to develop ourselves while remaining fluid, as in Bruce Lee’s famous adage: “Be like water, my friend”.

Ntsako Nkuna

Title: Simmer

Edition:A4 1/15

R2500 framed

My intention with this piece was to depict my ongoing frustration as an artist/doer, I always find myself waiting to feel like I deserve the title "artist", I feel as if I left myself to simmer under fire and never quite cooking fast enough and sometimes I just feel like I've been cooking to an extent that I'll start burning and spoil the meal (me).


Ntsako Nkuna is a South African multimedia artist currently based in Johannesburg. Her mixed media work incorporates various forms of photography and illustrations through digital manipulation, her work is influenced by the virtual realm and its relation to reality. She layers mediums and blurs the line between reality and fiction. She believes the digital realm is closely linked to the idea of dreamscapes, thus she explores complexities in human interaction and perceptions through dreamscapes.  

Lee-Ann Olwage

Title: Ephraim and Gloire, Feb 2020

Edition:1/20 2 AP

Price available on request

Ephraim and Gloire from the series Sibling Love. The series bears witness to the unique bond siblings share and reflects on the complexities of this relationship. To be seen so deeply and honestly by another is one of the most universal expressions of love. There is something deeply comforting in coming home to another as an extension of yourself that only siblings can know.

Lee-Ann Olwage is a visual storyteller from South Africa. Her work is about identity, collaboration, and celebration. She is interested in using the medium of photography as a mode of co-creation and celebration. With her long-term projects, she aims to create a space where people she collaborates with can play an active part in the creation of images they feel tells their stories in a way that is affirming and celebratory.

Title: Blessing and Esther, Feb 2021

Edition:1/20 2 AP

Price available on request

Ardener Gardens is an ongoing body of work that explores spaces of celebration in South Africa. Hidden in the leafy suburb of Claremont, Cape Town lies Arderne Gardens. The garden was established in 1845 by Ralph Henry Arderne, a successful timber merchant and cabinet maker who hailed from Cheshire, England. The story goes that when Arderne placed orders with tradesmen for timber he asked them to bring back saplings for his beloved garden. This grew into the greatest concentration of exotic trees in Southern Africa and in time the gardens became famous. Today the garden plays host to a rich diversity of celebrations and is a favorite location to create cherished wedding photographs against the exquisite backdrop of exotic trees and plants.


Ogorogile Nong

Title:Pandemic Kidz, 2020


The image was spontaneous, and unplanned. The reason why I photographed this particular subject/person was purely out of an interest sparked by the times we are in, times of restriction, times of change and times of wearing masks. I mean who ever thought we would get to a time where even school kids would have to wear masks in order to go to school?  In order to enter any premises for that matter.

Ogorogile Nong (b.1999) is a South African photographer from Soweto, Johannesburg. Nong completed the foundation and intermediate courses (2020/2021) at the Market Photo Workshop. In 2020 he was selected to be part of the Olaju Art Group based in San Antonio, USA, and was also selected to exhibit his series Pearl Daughters at the Perspectives From Within (PFW) exhibition. 



Bongani Tshabalala

Inner Journey 

Edition: 1/5 + 2AP

Size A2 

Price : R7500

This photograph is part of my ongoing long term project "Inner Journey " , about my struggle with mental illness ,self love, self acceptance and my struggle with gender identity .

Bongani Tshabalala is a South African artist, born and raised in Welkom, Free State. He is currently completing his National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Central University Of Technology (CUT). He is a self-taught photographer and has been practicising since 2017. Bongani’s work is mostly inspired by experiences and feelings. In 2019 he won the public vote for the New Breed Art Competition at Oliewenhuis Art museum. He has participated in the online group exhibition Myopia at William Humphreys Art Gallery, and Lockdown with Free State Art Collective. 

Tarryn Lochner



Photography has always been an outlet for Tarryn Lochner, who is always finding different ways of portraying her friends, family and the world around her. Her friends call her the "sneaky photographer" as most of the pictures are taken when people are not looking, to get the true sense of their being. Tarryn’s main medium is 35mm film, using different cameras, and sometimes her phone or DSLR camera.


Tshepo Mogopodi

Little Baby Blue, 2018

Edition: A4 1/5


The image was inspired by how Joshua Kissi’s work & and the people at Sunday School. How the use of colour is effective in photographs and how the subject can still stand out.

Tshepo Mogopodi, is a self-taught photographer from Krugersdorp, West of Johannesburg. He started photography in 2013 using a camera phone  and a year later got his first camera - which he still uses today. In 2017, he landed a gig at Battle of The Bands (for Afropunk 2017) & met a few experienced professional photographers, whose advice changed his career for the better. 


Ollie Walker

Solace, 2020

Price:R4500 unframed A0

Ollie Walker is a South African portrait photographer, videographer and musician that has been working predominantly in Asia. He has spent a significant amount of time documenting underground and emerging creative scenes throughout Asia in various formats. His subject matter often includes the people, places and creative energies that surround him. Ollie has exhibited work in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka & South Africa often participating in independent run group exhibitions with his peers or through collaborations with companies such Vans & Amnesty International. 



Troye Shannon



My work is characterised by a fascination with - and an attempt to foreground - the play of juxtapositions in people, places, and the present. The silhouette, texture, and tones of this portrait, so reminiscent of Gilbert Stuart's 1778 self-portrait painting, retrospectively overlays the latter’s stern gaze with a tenderness that gestures towards new ways of being in the modern world: a play of strength and softness, firmness and fragility.

Troye Alexander Shannon (b. 1990) is a self-taught film photographer from Johannesburg. Developing his skills first by snapping Polaroids of the people and places that light up this city at night, his more recent conceptual explorations continue to experiment with light-play, composition, and texture. He is especially drawn to portraiture: the liminality evoked by his work attempts to hold the viewer in place, fixated by the duality of a present that is both ephemeral and yet never ending. He is currently heading a collaborative effort to improve film photography resources in South Africa.


Tariro Kandawasvika

Between Space and Time

No Editions

R1800 A4 framed

Between space and time is an ongoing portraiture series about a journey of becoming. My intention behind Klaven’s portrait was to learn, challenge, share and remind myself, alongside the viewer of the simple and yet complex beauty of people. It was made with the intention to speak directly about being confident enough to stand out even when out of your comfort zone.

After having gone through their first identity crisis, Tariro discovered their own curious mind and a passion for constantly wanting to unlearn, relearn, and discover something new -not only from people but from simple life forms, objects as well as spaces whilst trying to figure out and navigate through this journey called life. Their photographic process focuses on the non-fictional processes, the longings, and the journey to where you are now.


Kelebogile Moatshe

Mme Motswadi, 2021

Edition:1/10 A2


A mother is the first person that we form a human bond with from inception, to birth and throughout life. They are the first people that show us what unconditional love is and how it feels. My intention with this image was to photograph my mother in all her essence and rarest beauty. I wanted to photograph a strong portrait of a strong woman who also happens to be my mother. This portrait is a very special and one that is close to home. Photographing my mother and preserving memories through photographs is something I love doing. She is my Muse.

Kelebogile Moatshe is an emerging photographer from the south of Johannesburg.  Moatshe has always had a passion and love for cameras and has recently started to study professional photography. Kelebogile sees herself using images to tell stories and open up discussions around social issues through photography. Portraiture is one of her favorite types of photography as she believes that the connection between the photographer, subject and camera is very intimate. Kelebogile aspires to be a photo journalist, while doubling in other forms of photography. Moatshe hopes to put out to the world that photographs that have meaning, create conversations and evoke emotions from viewers.

Stefanie Kulisch

Mother, 2017

Edition: 1/7 + 2 AP

Size: 210x297mm / R1700

Hahnemuehle FineArt Baryta 325 gsm

Stefanie Kulisch is a freelance photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Her personal work focuses on quiet, atmospheric moments that also questions social issues of living together with an intimate and curious look. Stefanie was born in East Germany where she spent most of her youth. At the age of 19 she moved to the U.K. for a year before she started her studies in Social and Cultural Sciences back in Germany and Sweden. From 2013 till 2016 she studied photography at Ostkreuz School of Photography in Berlin under the guidance of Jonas Maron, Thomas Sandberg, Sibylle Fendt, Werner Ute and Werner Mahler. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the European Month of Photography in Berlin, Germany; the Voies-Off Festival in Arles, France; and the Dak’Art Off Biennale in Saint-Louis, Senegal.

Mallisa Lenong

Lifting the veil

Edition: A4 1/4


This image forms part of a series of portraits I've created of some of the young coloured females who has matriculated between 2018 and 2020 in and around Eden Park, Alberton. None of them has been able to find employment up until now. 

Mallisa Lenong is a 29 year old mother, wife and photographer. She has completed the Foundation Course at The Market Photo Workshop earlier this year and has since completed the Mid-level Course at Through The Lens Collective. Mallisa uses photography as a means to explain the world to herself. She feels that when she photographs she is learning more about who she is and where she fits into this crazy world. 


The Storyteller

Edition:A4 1/5


The nostalgia of sunny days when the family gather in the shade of the big tree and the old patriarch shares his stories of travels, people and places. Where he drops nuggets of wisdom which can only be acquired through experience. This photograph was created during one of those family days, sitting under the tree.

Guy Neveling


Hahnemuehle Photo Rag 308gsm

Size: 60x40cm

Edition: 1/10.

Price:R15 000

The two pictures presented are a part of the larger ongoing project 'Homeland'. 

In between foreign travel, a number of months are spent each year roaming my home turf South Africa. It's a charming balance of home comfort while pushing myself to see the far reaches of the planet. Working on Homeland is akin to pulling on a favourite old sweater; the places and people are intertwined with my psyche, making the picture process feel more like a homecoming than a creative endeavour.

Guy Neveling’s fairly colourful photographic career began with him setting out as a press photographer in the mid 80’s documenting the demise of Apartheid South Africa. A while later, swinging the polar opposite; swopping riots, tear gas and rubber bullets for the more relaxed atmosphere of a photographic studio, he moved into advertising. Guy's work has achieved numerous awards at the various international advertising festivals that include D&AD and Cannes Lions, as well as work selected for the acclaimed Lurzers Archive, ‘200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide’. Guy now dedicates his time primarily to personal work and growth; continually nurturing his love for imagery.




Hahnemuehle Photo Rag 308gsm

Size: 60x40cm

Edition: 1/10.

Price:R15 000

Rhombie Sandoval

Soufiane, 2020


Before meeting Soufiane, a mechanic in Essaouira, I met his co-worker while admiring the car outside their shop. I asked to photograph him but he was shy and stepped aside offering the car instead. As I set up to photograph it Soufiane appeared. He didn’t hesitate to take his co-worker’s place. While I continued to set up my camera we both worked around the car; each with our own tool in hand, pausing for moments to collaborate together.He told us about his hometown, Sidi Kaouki, that he commutes from daily. Sidi Kaouki neighbors Essaouira but less make the trip to see its stretch of ocean shore. He now raises his two daughters in the space of his childhood memories. Before leaving we exchanged contact information. He extended an invitation to us to stay with him so he could share his definition of home.

Rhombie Sandoval is a photographer and storyteller currently residing in Southern California. Her entry into photography started after receiving a camera as a gift from the Make A Wish Foundation, a gesture arranged on her behalf due to being born with heart disease. With the camera, Sandoval realized she could navigate her shyness and connect with people using the camera as a tool to understand various vantage points, searching for and highlighting the common themes linked to one’s identity and location. Sandoval later studied Photography at Art Center College of Design. She is also the founder of Anywhere Blvd, a platform which features portrait photographers by promoting the narratives of their subjects.


Sibusiso Gcaba

Slaughter Man, 2020

A4 1/10


The image was created at the Johannesburg CBD in 2020 while I was doing my street photography while observing my surroundings and movement of people on the scene. The subject was having a smoke with a colleague outside the butchery, which is their place of work. 
I noticed him looking at me with interest since I had my camera at hand. I greeted both of them and they gave me a friendly response. This gentleman didn't waste any time, he immediately asked me to take a photograph of him. Before I could respond to his request, he dropped his cigarette and posed right there. I observed that the light and background was just right. The only thing I did was to direct him into the semi circle tape that frames his head. I chose not to bother his colleague who decided to sit behind the trolley, just below the red roller door with a cow drawing. I decided to also include the small text on the top left corner of the frame (Lamb) to further give context of the use of this space.

Sibusiso is a Johannesburg based photographer born in 1989. He studied Photography at the Market Photo Workshop in 2016. He later studied Advertising at Umuzi 2017 specializing in Multimedia. He also completed a Photography Narrative Making course with Through The Lens in 2019 and Introduction to Film and TV Production at Sky Rink Studios in 2020. 

Sibusiso has exhibited in group exhibitions locally and internationally and was a finalist at Lagos Photo x National Geographic Portfolio Review Award in 2018. He has notably showcased work at Agog Gallery for the Street Culture group exhibition in 2017, and taken part in group exhibitions at Through The Lens Gallery in 2018 and 2020, The Yaoundé Photo Festival at the Cameroon Contemporary Art Gallery in 2019, Summer Salon 2019 group Exhibition at Bag Factory, the 2020 Latitudes Online Art Fair and the 2020 Turbine Art Fair. 


Arsène Mpiana

Untitled, 2021

Born in 1992 in Kinshasa, Arsène Mpiana Monkwe is a visual artist and teacher at the Department of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa. To date, he has attended a number of photography masterclasses, and obtained a number of certifications, including a two-year Masterclass by the Goethe Institut in Kinshasa (2019), a masterclass by the collective Solidarité des Artistes pour le Dévelopement Intégral (SADI) in 2019, followed by a major exhibition at the Academy of  Fine Arts of Kinshasa. He also exhibited in the 6th Lubumbashi Biennale, as part of the restitutions of the Picha workshop in 2020, and the 5th edition of Lubumbashi photo and the 7th Kinshasa International Film Festival. In 2020, with the SADI collective, his work was exhibited in a masterclass of artistic video at the Mont des Arts art    center in Kinshasa, and a masterclass led by Eric Bouvet and Thomas Freteur at the Vii Academy. In 2020 Arsène was nominated for the Joop Swart Masterclass of the World Press Foundation. 


Tshiamo Moyo 


 Obakeng Molepe

A Year Later


Eva Dixon

Hills Hoist

No edition


Price :R3000

I can remember as a child watching my nan hang clothes on her Hills Hoist (an iconic Australian clothesline) and being fascinated by its geometry and function. The Hills Hoist: a familiar artifact of my grandmother right in her front yard. I made this image with the idea of 'home' and familiar domestic spaces and objects in mind. My grandparents are reoccurring in my work, I am interested in documenting their lives and occupied spaces as part of a visual archive, intending to explore my relationship with them. 

Eva is an Australian interdisciplinary photographer based in London. At present, she is studying her second year in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, following her move from South Africa to the UK.




And she was,


Tshepo Mogopodi

Bo Malume, 2019

Edition: A01/5



Warren van Rensburg

Ewan During Lockdown
Edition:  1/5

I shot this image while South Africa was in hard lockdown in 2020. I tried to make one image a day during Level 5 lockdown, focusing on my wife and two boys and our lives at home.

'Life is too short to hunt with an ugly dog.'


Tshepo Moloi 

Existential Crisis, self portrait, 2019. 

33.53cm x 50.29cm



Mwana Pwo

My Mind is Killing me

Edition: A4 1/1

Price : 32

"Do you See Me?" Is from a series of self-portraits that I created as a kind of exorcism of pain and love. I photographed myself with the objective of exorcising the pain that I felt at the moment that prevented me from looking at myself in the mirror, so I decided to see myself through photography.


Edition: A4 1/1

Price: 32

Mwana is a contemporary photographer working in Angola, whose work actively answers questions about the social portrait of individual beings in Angola today. Mwana's work reflects the contrasts of contemporary life with enthusiasm and a feminist outlook. She has lived in Luanda since 2012.


Farren van Wyk


Price on request

The tattoo in Remo’s neck was an intentional way of showing his lifelong loyalty to the gang. However, as he grew as a person, he realised that the gang lifestyle is not always good. That did not make it easy to step out of the group that is considered to be family. Remo stayed quiet when I asked him if the was still part of the gang or not. Everyone else spoke about his battle of going in and out. With this portrait I wanted to think about the everlasting effect of a tattoo while people and intentions can change.

Farren van Wyk, born in 1993, is a South African and Dutch photographer and in the process of becoming a mentor. She graduated from the University of Arts (HKU) in 2016 where she received her BA degree in Photography after an extensive photography and research project with (ex-)gangsters in South African coloured communities in her hometown Port Elizabeth, trying to centralise coloured people with dignity and make this a normality. Farren has been living in The Netherlands for over twenty years and her dual nationality is the crux of her work. The centuries of white western domination that implemented colonisation, slave trade and the Dutch participation in apartheid is deeply ingrained in the landscape that she was born in. This historical and somewhat troubling relationship between these two countries that she calls home sparks a lot of questions that she tries to answer within her work. Most of the questions stay unanswered, which is also the beauty of the whole journey.  


Manon Weise

Title:What we loved was not enough

Edition: A4  1/3


Ollie Walker

Title: Precious,2017

Edition: A4

Price: R1500

Chris Stamatiou



Kaelik Dullaart

Gardens, Cape Town 2018



Kaelik Dullaart was born in 1996 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Growing up with photographer parents inspired Dullaart to pursue his own studies in photography at the Market Photo Workshop. His exposure to the medium has been an integral part of how he deals with imagery and composition in his creative process. 

Dullaart is currently obsessed with drawings, predominantly working with pen on paper, however continues to explore multiple mediums such as handmade skateboard decks and self-publishes zines. His work explores his journey to self-discovery by navigating and expressing his personal experiences through his artistic practice. Kaelik zooms into his interest in human behaviour, which is largely shaped by internal dialogues and prevalent expressions. It is Dullaart’s hope to build connections with his audience, both intellectual and  emotional.He is currently enrolled at Artist Proof Studio.


Laurence Moorcroft

The Artist




The intention of this portrait is to show individualism and self-expression through one's own fashion sense.

Laurence Moorcroft is a photographer and creative director based in South Africa. His centre of interest is mainly portrait, fashion & lifestyle photography. Since 2014 he has embraced this medium as a much needed creative outlet and discovered his passion.            By freezing time, documenting culture and translating a narrative through pixels;  he  intends to empower, inspire and portray personalities in their best light.


Oladele Lawal

Tired, 2020

Editions: 1/5


12 x 14 -$30

20 x 24 -$90

30 x 40-$150

in inches

Tired was shot at the peak of the COVID pandemic and during the lockdown. Many of us felt trapped and imprisoned in our own homes adjusting to this new normal. Also, we all felt the impact of being isolated and how it affects us mentally and physically, there was this cloud of feeling lethargic in which people globally felt was peculiar to them. So when creating this image, the intention was/is to let everyone know they weren't alone and that the tiredness they felt was being experienced globally.

Oladele Kaleef Lawal is a photographer and visual storyteller from Lagos, Nigeria who uses mainly portraits to express views on societal issues ranging from mental health, pollution, gender fluidity, culture and identity. 

Instagram; @delelawalphotog

Simphiwe Majozi

Umsizi womphakathi,2018

Simphiwe Majozi(b.1993) a photographer from Daveyton, East of Johannesburg. Between 2016 and 2017 he participated in the Ekhuruleni Art Development Program and, in 2018, completed his Foundation Course at Market Photo Workshop. In 2019 he joined the Narrative Course at the Through the Lens Collective for 6 months. Simphiwe was part of a student exhibition with the Ekurhuleni Art Development program in Springs Art Gallery ‘’BEYOND TEACHING II’’, 2018 and later in the same year, BodutuArt Gallery in Vaal University of Technology ‘’ART GOES BEYOND TEACHING II’’. In February 2020 he participated in ‘’The Portrait Show’’ Exhibition at Through the lens Collective. 


David Wein

Light from the Pocket

Edition:A4   1/10


The picture was taken as a part of a commercial series to compose the feeling of Capetonian nightlife.

David Wein, 25, is a multi-disciplinary artist specialising in music and film photography. He is currently studying at Wits School of Music. David has been taking photographs for most of his adult life, consequently being published in a 6-page spread in the Lake Magazine. He has also shot some small-scale commercial and fashion campaigns. David has a keen interest in using in-camera effects to achieve new perspectives in ordinary situations, with a result of abstraction.


Mzwanele Tshishonga


Edition:A4  1/3

Price : R2350

The image was made in 2019, and in the frame is Zinhle Mthembu. It was one of many portraits I created of her in that year. This was shot at her home eZola, and I was very excited about the glow on her skin in the shade, it was an extremely hot day, and I also liked the red of her finger nails against her black shirt and dark skin. Was a very cool moment, and we both love how the image came out. 

Mzwanele "Rez Inyanzi" Tshishonga is South African multimedia artist based in the Eastern Cape. His main medium is photography, which was at first self- taught, until he pursued his studies at the Market Photo Workshop. The work he creates follows a broad number of subjects, all tied together by his earnest love and over all appreciation for black people. He is the founder and director of "Umhlangano Wabathwebuli" a series of workshops which facilitates conversations between seasoned image makers from across the country with image makers in his hometown, Gqebera. @rez_inyanzi

Murray Williamson


Edition: A4  2/10

Price : R2000

As Garry Winogrand said, “I photograph to see what the world looks like in photographs”, best describes the fleeting moment I found myself in.


Murray Williamson is a young South African photographer concerned with the phenomenology of the places he finds himself in. He creates work through experiencing the landscape, culture and people he interacts with. Evoking a “sense of place” through the ebb and flow of daily life is of most interest to him.

Siyasanga Gibson


no editions


The name of the artwork is ‘ziveze’ which translates to ‘show yourself’. It is mainly a demand (to myself) to open myself more to earth, people and experiences that could possibly enrich me. To not constantly remain hidden in the shadow of my own existence. In that way, I am hoping that it translates as a relatable demand for other people looking to open themselves to living. 

Siyasanga Gibson is a human looking to tell stories in the form of still and moving images. As a human constantly observing the external world around her - including her own internal world - she is driven to be the foremost visual communicator she can be. 


Using Format