Through The Lens Collective is delighted with the inclusion of our Advanced student, Remofiloe Mayisela and mentorship student Mikhail Samuel in the program and exhibition. Saad Eltinay our 2022 TTLC Mentee is also exhibiting work. 

A project by KLUB DER KÜNSTE of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg for the 8th Triennial of Photography 2022

Opening May 19th, 2022, 7 pm
Exhibition in the Gallerycorridor at Hall of contemporary Art:
May 20 – July 31, 2022

Information is the currency of the moment, and information is spread most rapidly through social media. Information is not only text, but mainly also images. We connected young photographers from Hamburg, Khartoum, Abidjan, Casablanca and Johannesburg. Two of them each, brought together at the kickoff meeting, exchanged information about everyday or social, political or personal circumstances via WhatsApp and Instagram etc. Visually and textually, this exchanged »currency« is the theme of the project. What is the value of this information about life circumstances and contexts away from the public, official news and information flow? Using the example of the current difficult situation in Khartoum and the interrupted flow of information due to disrupted Internet and mobile phone service, direct information via social networks, which partially gets through, is of great »value« here.

The results were personal dialogues between the respective partners, who came to appreciate the exchange and value of this »information currency« more and more, thus providing a direct and almost intimate insight into their living conditions.

In weekly Zoom meetings with all participants and the local partners, the resulting communications (pictorial and textual) were presented, discussed and further developed. Information was exchanged over almost four months from January to mid-April 2022. From the resulting material André Lützen developed and conceptualized the exhibition together with the participants. The works will be shown on 5 monitors and in print form at the 8th Triennial of Photography in the Gallery in the Corridor of Cultural Education (Hall of Contemporary Art).

curated by:
André Lützen
photographies and texts by:

Yasmine Hatimi & Saad Eltinay (Marocco & Sudan)
Gabriela Guimarães & Mikhail Samuel (Germany/Brazil & South Africa)
Remofiloe Mayisela & Ahmed Khalid (South Africa & Sudan)
Caio Jacques & Henri Toh (Germany/Brazil & Ivory Coast)
Aurelie Tiffy & Eythar M. Gubara (Ivory Coast & Sudan/Germany)

 Local Project Organization:

Khartoum, Sudan
Ala Kheir (Freelancer)
Lilli Kobler (Goethe-Institute)

Johannesburg, South Africa
Michelle Loukidis 

Marrakesh, Morocco
Janine Gaëlle Dieudji (Freelancer)

Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Macline Hien (Freelancer)

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