Is an animal an object or an individual? Every year hundreds of billions of animals are killed and used for food, fashion, entertainment and research. Whether we hunt, eat, use or own them – is our choice, not theirs. We consider them our property. The majority of humans on this planet don’t particularly care that animals are just as aware as we are. To humans, animals are seen as the ultimate ‘other’. We’ve placed them within a bizarre hierarchy that values one animal’s life over another. And yet like humans, all animals are conscious, rational and intelligent beings who love, nurture, experience fear  and have empathy. But are deemed unworthy of moral care and consideration.


Chris Stamatiou is a photography nerd based in Pretoria, South Africa. He is an alumni and past lecturer at Market Photo Workshop.

Over the years he has participated in workshops hosted by local and international photographers, namely Roger Ballen and Mary Ellen Mark (two of his biggest photographic influences) and received an Honourable Mention at the 2020 International Photography Awards.

His personal work explores concepts of marginalization, time and change.

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