Explorations is a series of photographs created in the post-industrialized region of Northern
France where I was born and live. Through this work, I question capitalism and patriarchy as
systems which exploit both lands and bodies. The persons I photograph explore lands that
were severely damaged by industrial activities, pollution, war and more recently climate
change. These explorations are not reconquests, but rather readaptation; reconciliations
between the land and human beings.
Through capitalism and patriarchy, men are largely responsible for the destruction of nature.
For this reason, I chose to photograph only women, to question our role and place - as other
minorities-within this system. I work consciously with the concept of a female gaze, creating
a world where persons are not posing, but active and busy- reconnecting with the elements
around them…bodies moving and exploring without fear. 
My work invites you to an immersive experience within the subjective notion of time, while
asserting the constant connection between our outer and inner landscapes. Here, realities are
twisted to evoke a state of questioning about the world we are living in: the nature of our
current reality, and our choice to adapt, change, or escape.


Sidonie Hadoux is a photographer and film maker based in Lille, France, and originally from the North of France. She studied photography in 2016 in the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg and she is presently doing our online Mentorship Course.
Her work is exploring the notions of landscape in the post-industrial areas of the North of France through the quest of a new ecofeminist visual imaginary. Sidonie tries to photograph experimenting the concept of female gaze, questioning the consequences of the capitalist patriarchy on our lands and our bodies. Feminism, crises, and climate change push her to create images.


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