Mid Level 


The Mid-Level Photography course is designed for those who already have a basic technical grasp of their DSLR camera, understand the basics of critical photography theory and visual narrative, and would like to sharpen their understanding and proficiency in these areas. Class time is 1 day per week, allowing plenty of independent time to research and photograph.

The course includes modules on :  



Still Life Photography

Visual Narrative

Critical Theory

Visual Studies. 

Image by Mallisa Lenong @mallisalenong


DSLR/SLR/mirrorless/compact cameras with the possibility of manual control



Duration: 5 months - 20 weeks

Dates: 26 January - 29 June

               30 June - 27 August

               1 September - 5 November 

Times: 1 day per week class time - 10am to 3pm


Cost: R6 800 ( R1 200 registration fee incl)

Payment Options:

1) Payment in Full 

(Registration fee of R 1 200 included)

2) 2 Payments

Registration fee and 50 % + Balance  (R 3 750 + R 1 500)

3) 3 Payments

Registration fee + 50 % balance + 50% balance

(R 1 200 + R 2 750 + R 2 750)

4) Monthly Payment 

Registration fee + 5 x monthly payments 

(R 1 200 +  R 1 100 per month x 5 )  

NB. All registration fees to be paid before commencement of course, all outstanding fees to be paid before end of course.

Mid level students 2021

Ndumiso Verity @verity_98

Sam Golding @samgoldingphotos

Simphiwe Majozi @simphiwewestixmajozi

Lerato Khumalo @lerato_khumalo

Mallisa Lenong @mallisalenong

Lerato Khumalo @lerato_khumalo

Sam Golding @samgoldingphotos

Lerato Khumalo @lerato_khumalo

Sam Golding @samgoldingphotos

Mallisa Lenong @mallisalenong

Ndumiso Verity @verity_98

Lerato Khumalo @lerato_khumalo

Sam Golding @samgoldingphotos

Lerato Khumalo @lerato_khumalo

Mallisa Lenong @mallisalenong

I recently completed the Mid-level course at Through The Lens Collective and had the opportunity to work one on one with Michelle Harris and Michelle Loukidis. 

This course has crafted me more holistically as a photographer and somehow made me become aware of myself and my surroundings. I've not only gained a better understanding of the technical aspects of photography, but now I'm also able tounderstand the language and narrative around photography in a broader context. With continuous support from my facilitators, I managed to broaden the scope of ideas I'm exploring with my work.                                                             

Mallisa Lenong

Being at TTL for the Mid- Level Course has been quite a good experience, particularly because of the kind of work that I was assigned with. Exploring different genres has been the highlight because I always strive to go broad in exploring different genres of photography so that I learn how to go about each one of those I come across. Working alongside my fellow classmates was cool because I had the chance to be inspired by different styles of photography from each individual and also gain more knowledge about my own style. 

 Ndumiso Verity Bhengu

My experience at Through The Lens Collective was a great one. I was afforded the freedom to play around and experiment with my work. I was allowed to be as expressive as I could with my work and all parts of my expression were welcomed. 

 Lerato Khumalo

I am honoured to be mentored by TTL, thank you for the great skills and knowledge you’ve imparted to me. Last year in 2021 I opened ‘’Inhlambululo’’ my debut solo show at the Springs Art Gallery in collaboration with Through The Lens Collective                and the City of Ekurhuleni. I deeply appreciate Through The Lens Collective and value everything I have learnt. 

 Simphiwe Majozi

Please note all courses will be online in the event of another Covid 19 lockdown

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