The EU Gateways for Peace project for strengthening the EU-South Africa Partnership for Peace and Security seeks to engage the complex issue of Xenophobia in South Africa.

The medium of photography, directly connected to the expression of individual ways of seeing and       our direct experiences of the world around us, establishes it as an ideal medium to reflect on matters of great personal and public significance. In the image-driven culture of today, it is crucial that photographers/artists engage more consciously with the medium to effect the true role and purpose of art in society – to reflect deeply, critically challenge, and inspire new ways of thinking.    

Photography in particular, gives audiences direct access to what we fail to see and understand – the experience and perspectives of another. By bringing photographic artists from differing contexts into conversation with each other, the dual workshop and mentorship format aims to facilitate a deeper and more sensitive understanding of each other and build a bridge of communication, an essential starting point for initiating a more peaceful co-existence.       

The mentorship program will focus on notions of xenophobia, home, identity and belonging, using photography as a means to explore these nuanced and complex aspects of human existence.                

The exhibition will act as a facilitator of public dialogue around this sensitive and complex issue, and stands as a form of visual activism against xenophobia, as well as an opportunity for the public to reflect on its own position, agency and responsibility in this regard. 

Open Call Submission Requirements

South African based photographers (including legal immigrants) are invited to submit the following:  

-  8 to 10 images or a body of work

-  A short biography

-  A 250 word motivation

Please email your submissions to:

Closing Date: 25 October 2022

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