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That #SELFIE Weekend Workshop for Girls


Though teens across the globe embrace countless tools for communication, their widespread engagement with social media is unprecedented. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr… 

Social Media is no longer peculiar, and now simply - a natural part of everyday life. Yet, while millions of images are exchanged daily, few pause to reflect between moments of posing, snapping, and posting. 

Girls in particular make up the largest percentage of subscribers to selfie culture, and in a society increasingly driven by lens and image based media, it is a crucial time to think, reflect and dialogue on the social phenomenon that is the selfie generation.

That #SELFIE Weekend Workshops (for Girls) critically explores the shifting, shaping and performance of teen identities through selfies and new media tools, and its impact on our individual and collective psyche as girls and women. 

Workshop Content:

Our workshops accommodate between 10 and 12 participants per workshop, and impart crucial 21st century skills including:

-An Introduction to Interpretation of Visual Materials  

-The Basics of Critical Visual Analysis

-Reflection, Critical Thinking and Effective Communication

Our fun, interactive small group sessions focus on creative production, community dialogue and critical deconstruction. This offer is open to Girls aged 12 -18, and includes a professional portraiture session upon completion of the workshop.

Types of Workshops (AGE SPECIFIC):

-Senior Primary                                 12+ years

-Junior High School                         12-14 years

-Senior High School                          15-18 years

Workshop Specifications:

Duration: 2 days (12 hours)

Times: Saturday and Sunday 9:30 to 3:30

Cost: R1 200 (Discount of R250 per participant for block bookings of 50 girls per school)

Venue: Through The Lens Collective @ Victoria Yards or Your School 

Portrait session to be held at TTLC Unit 7i4, Victoria Yards,16 Viljoen Str, Lorentzville, JHB 

Image Copyright:                                                  Remofiloe Mayisela 

For more details contact:                                       Michelle Harris 073 411 1669


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