Available After Armageddon (AAA) is a promise made between friends who grew up in a radicalized religious environment to always be there for each other.

The work aims to give insight into a upbringing surrounded by religious indoctrination and emotional abuse, this is characteristic of many religious environments in which thousands of people are held by 'law' as to what God could provide via 'reward' or take away via 'punishment'. born into this environment the life i wanted to live was not allowed me and guilt from the choices id made from my community, to my morality, or my own identity and sexuality already meant that i was doomed from the start, condemned by religion and not worthy of love.

'Available After Armageddon" not only shows the struggle of the past but also finding the new world beyond the trauma, finding peace
and being able to keep to the promise after our worlds had ended

ongoing work

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