We offer photographic mentorship aimed at those who wish to get individual one on one feedback sessions concerning their work. This can help with creating a coherent body of work through developing a personal photographic voice and approach. Mentoring sessions will introduce you to photographers, artists, history and the discourse of photography, which will enable you to reflect on your own practice and situate it in a broader social, cultural and historical context. In a nurturing environment, under the guidance of practicing art photographers and professionals, you will be encouraged to explore your creativity, seek inspiration, gain technical camera skill, enhance your retouching skills and think critically about photography in order to produce compelling work that expresses your vision of the world.

Cost per session with a mentor: R550 per hour

Appointments only

Cover Image by Nonzuzo Gxekwa

TTLC Mentees

Ugo Woatzi

" I received a mentorship from TTL in 2019 while being a resident artist in Johannesburg. TTL helped me build and develop my series "Chameleon".  They made me understand how I could express myself and make a political statement through photography. Working carefully on concept, narrative and visuals TTL definitely changed the way I perceive and understand the medium. By getting to know my personal story they've been pushing me and my work in an incredible direction. "Chameleon" has been awarded 2nd prize of the Pride Photo Award Amsterdam 2019 and shortlisted for Cap Prize Basel 2020. I still work in a close relationship with TTL, they made me fall in love with photography forever. Thanks to my wonderful Michelle(s), I feel so honoured to have been mentored by them."




Godelive Kasangati Kabena

We are proud to announce Godelive Kasangati Kabena as the recipient of the first TTLC Women’s Mentorship Award.

Godelive Kasangati Kabena was born in Democratic Republic of Congo in 1996. Her black and white photography, often staged/constructed self-portraits brings a distinctly conceptual approach to her exploration of identity, memory and human experience.   

Through The Lens Collective’s Women’s Mentorship award is designed to support and strengthen the practices of female identifying African photographers who have demonstrated a consistent critical engagement with their own practice, and a desire to elevate their photography through a process of close personal mentorship, and the creation of a body of work.


Flávio Cardoso

TTLC's 2019 Mentorship Award Recipient.

Coming from four years on Instagram, the very first question I asked Michelle Loukidis when I met her during the 2018 Catchupa Factory Residency was how one teaches something as subjective as photography. She replied that it was a process of opening up your mind, and that is exactly what she did. Working with her and Michelle Harris, it allowed me to develop my practice in ways I never considered before. Michelle has guided me with her vast knowledge, by discussing ideas, relevant work, continuous experimenting and curating. She motivated me and guided me to produce my first Body Of Work, called ALiEN. I was able to understand the relationship between photography and reality, and reach that which lies beneath the surface. ALiEN was selected to be part of LagosPhoto Festival 2019 and has been shortlisted for CAP 2020. He was also the recipient of the first TTLC Mentorship Award.



Sibusiso Gcaba

The mentorship I received from TTL helped me take my photography to the next level in a short space of time. They pushed me to think deeper about photography and what I am trying to say with my work. I had to trust the process.It's one thing to create images, but constructing a body of work requires careful selection of images, and to photograph with intent, and the mentorship helped me with both while developing the K'se Goli La ( This is Joburg) series. Not only did I develop my artistic skill, but I also learned more about photography practice as a whole. Michelle Loukidis and Michelle Harris have assisted many celebrated photographers on the continent, and their experience shows in every critique session. What I appreciate most is that they've helped me to develop and properly present my own narrative, instead of telling me what to say about my work, and that is what I think is important for any artist...To tell their story from their own view and experience. Sibusiso's work has been included in the Latitudes Art Fair 2020.


Dewald Bruwer

TTLC's 2021 Mentorship Award Recipient. (Work in progress)

Dewald Bruwer was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1987. He started photographing in 2007 when enrolling in a 2 year photography course from 2007 - 2009. After a long absence from photography, it was not until 2013 when he discovered street photography and personal documentation that he started taking the medium seriously. His current work abstracts reality, yet reveals certain truths of himself, his environment, and his chance encounters with others during his wanderings through the city of Cape Town. 

"Working within the public domain, my attention and goal has never been to contribute to any social commentary, but I will be naive to think that my environment does not impact on how I feel  and observe my surroundings.  I follow my intuition and instinct, resulting in photos that reflect aspects of myself....An invitation to the atmosphere I experience. Although the work has a subjective vision, it reveals the common complexities of existence. Thus, anything that is truly personal becomes universal." Dewald Bruwer


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