42ND AUGUST 2073 


In South Africa the month of August commemorates the political activism of the women of the 1950's, and their role in the ongoing fight for freedom and equality. It is marked by a singular event, recorded in time as 9 August 1956. 

Sixty five years later, what does activism look like? Which actions and processes are deemed worthy of commemoration? And is the significance thereof confined to or diminished by our own sense of what is past and what is present?
This year we invited eight photographers to reflect on the idea of 'time' through a selection of images from their ongoing bodies of work. This exhibition and the photographers represented here, approach the notion of time as a subjective and nuanced experience, impacted by slow or fast moving shifts between our inner worlds and outer realities. 

Each photographer has embodied in their own way - the parallels between our personal histories and a collective future.
42 August 2073 speaks of an experience of time in continuum, and a geography that knows no bounds. Here, the camera functions as time machine - projecting past into future, and future into present. 

Thank you to all the extraordinary creatives that we have been working with on this exhibition. All work is available for purchase, please contact us directly on throughthelensc@gmail.com, for further information.

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